I have been using the TV key for a few days and I am only positive, easy and quick to install, the startup takes a few minutes after, after that it is very fast with a good image Xiaomi includes the streaming key, the Google Assistant remote control, a wall block and a power cable in the box. You`ll also find an HDMI extender if you`re short on space, though there are no AAA batteries for the remote. The stick is quick to install and works perfectly. There is nothing wrong with that. The price in relation to the quality is good. One point of attention is that you do not have all the Playstore available for downloads (favorites), but only the apps available for the TV stick. For example, only a few Android apps are available from NL-TV providers. (Ziggo, Solcon, NOS, NPO and a few others, but a big player like Caiway is missing for now) It would be an improvement if we specified which applications are available. Throwing from another device to the stick is fine, but I hadn`t bought the stick for that because you need an extra device. Hence the 3 stars. We`ll keep mentioning it whenever we see it, but why did Xiaomi choose a micro USB port for power? This doesn`t just apply to Xiaomi, as Amazon and Roku are also guilty here. Almost every other modern device (including other types of streaming devices) is slowly but surely switching to USB-C, and it`s time for streaming keys to do the same.

I`m now at a point where my USB-C cables far outperform my micro-USB cables, but the TV Stick 4K adds another one to the mix. Top product, their clear image!! I first had a Chromecast, fine, but the stick is nicer, very simple beautiful and logish software. You can switch from Netflix to YouTube and games. The last one has not yet understood that it works. Ik raad het aan, mooi prijs nel geleverd en goede service snel hulp! Thank you! In addition to a remote control, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick also differs from the Chromecast by supporting Dolby and DTS surround sound. This ensures the ultimate sound experience in your living room! The drive also supports MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and OGG audio files. The TV stick is very compact and weighs only 28.5 grams, so you can easily take it anywhere. Movie night with your friends? Take the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with you and enjoy hours of fun watching.

Deze tv stick op mijn tweede projector aangesloten en het werkt heel goed. Lekker browsen met een afstandsbediening. Video quality is an important part of an overall viewing experience on any platform or device. That`s why 4K support on the Xiaomi TV Stick 4K is a massive improvement. It puts this streaming stick on par with big players like Amazon`s Fire TV Stick 4K and Roku Streaming Stick 4K+. RAM has also been upgraded from 1GB to 2GB, but the internal storage space remains the same (8GB). We`re also seeing upgrades for the processor and Bluetooth. This TV stick was purchased to stream Pocofone/Ipad to the TV.

Now a few weeks of use, and what a pleasant experience! Works perfectly, so that from now on I also watch smoothly on Youtube, Netflix. The main reason was the built-in Chromecast, but when launching an app from the Belgian football provider, I also watch it directly. Price-Quality This is 1 of my best buys this year, definitely recommended. There are also strong competitors from Roku and Amazon, if you`re not so enthusiastic about Xiaomi`s battering experience. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K ($49.99) and Fire TV Stick 4K Max ($54.99) offer 4K support with RAM and their own processing improvements. They offer smaller remotes with more buttons, but you`ll still have to get used to the displays in the home interface. If you want a budget option, 4K quality has now found its way to the most affordable Roku – the Roku Express. You can buy an updated version of the Express 4K Plus with HDR for just $39.99. I`ve had a Chromecast for ages, which is fine, but in combination with Ziggo, I found it annoying that I couldn`t watch any programs. With the Mi TV Stick, that`s a thing of the past. The Mi TV Stick has Android TV built-in and you put the Ziggo app in it.

And then suddenly, it is possible to use Replay TV! I use this TV stick on a TV under our roof and I am very satisfied! And then the price is also what you survive. High-end product! Xiaomi is no stranger to Android TV streaming hardware thanks to its various Mi Box devices, but the 4K TV Stick marks the company`s second attempt to nail the streaming stick form factor after the disappointing Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 2021. Fortunately, the new model offers improvements throughout the spec sheet. It is slightly larger than the original Mi TV Stick and is 106mm long, 29mm wide and 15mm high. This space won`t be wasted as the new model offers 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 5.0 support, and an updated CPU and GPU. The Xiaomi TV Stick 4K connects to your TV via an HDMI port and has an opening for the micro USB power cable. It can be difficult to dive into the world of video streaming devices. It has already established names like Roku and Amazon`s Fire TV, whose streaming sticks have proven particularly popular among those looking for a fast, plug-and-play multimedia solution. Xiaomi couldn`t blow us away with its first streaming stick in 2021, but now the Chinese giant is back with a completely redesigned successor. This is our Xiaomi TV Stick 4K review.

Fans of Xiaomi`s TV Sticks might be disappointed to discover that the new Xiaomi TV Stick 4K isn`t powered by the new Google TV interface – Google TV is a new Smart TV experience that was first introduced on the Google Chromecast a year ago. It is powered by the Android TV interface instead. It gets even more disappointing when you discover that the Google TV interface is already available on some smart TV models like TCL, Sony, and Hisense, and brands like Realme already have a 4K streaming stick with Google TV.

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