For other equipment that is not exempt from the import license requirement, the ETA can be obtained according to the routine procedure, i.e.: By contacting WPC`s regional licensing offices. Mandatory requirements for all wireless products (transceivers, transmitters and receivers) entering the Indian market. The essential requirements for the approval of the WPC ETA are as follows: – The applicant must ensure that the technical specifications meet certain requirements. In addition, the frequency band and model number must be specified. The device must be wireless, which is present in an unlisted frequency. ETA for devices operating in unlicensed frequency bands that are exempt from import licensing in India can be obtained under the ETA (self-declaration) system, which is a completely paperless online process. To apply and get more information about ETA, please visit the Saral Sanchar portal of the Department of Telecommunications. Shamkris takes a results-based approach to complying with mandatory licensing requirements in the organization. A simple and consultative methodology helps the organization to obtain the license on time and at low cost. Shamkris 100% supports advice, guidance, compliance regarding licensing requirements to obtain approval. All manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers must meet the compliance and regulatory requirements of the WPC certificate/ETA certificate.

To understand the WPC certification requirements (ETA certificate) and WPC licensing procedure for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices, let`s take a closer look at WPC India. We are one of the leading WPC consultants in Delhi. To get a complete idea of the ETA WPC approval and hectic activity, contact Aleph India. We help the client to obtain all kinds of certifications and licenses under the various programs of the Government of India. Our technical team will guide you every step of the way and keep your business running smoothly. The main tasks of the WPC are the licensing of amateur radio and the allocation and monitoring of the frequency spectrum. In addition, WPC is responsible for WPC ETA (WPC Equipment Type Approval ETA) certification and other wireless certifications. The frequency band would be applicable to a specific area, which has two types of indicators.

The indicators would be the lower domain and the upper domain. Frequency bands are commonly used terms when it comes to radio frequencies and other forms of devices. A frequency pattern is a specific form of diagram that displays frequency bands for another type of wireless product. For example, if the product is a specific frequency band, it is classified as a low-power device. 50-200 KHz are classified and classified as low frequency bands. However, 5825 Mhz – 5875 Mhz would be classified in the radio frequency bands. The WPC certification process is relatively simple compared to other types of certification and can be completed within 2-3 months. Following the submission of the application, the applicant shall provide RF (radio frequency) test reports, which shall be issued by an accredited testing laboratory.

In 2020, it was possible to conduct these tests abroad and use these reports. However, since the beginning of 2021, international test reports are no longer accepted and therefore testing must be carried out on-site in India. A factory inspection is not required for WPC approval (ETA). WPC follows the online application process (+ hard copy after application) for ETA. If the item you want to receive ETA is included in the equipment list, you can proceed to STEP 2, otherwise you will need to add the item to the equipment list on the WPC website. The WPC desktop issues a WPC ETA license for computing and electronic devices that meet the requirements of wireless technology users. Only WPC-approved wireless and Bluetooth computing and electronic equipment operating on unlicensed frequency bands and complying with human safety regulations may be sold in India. The WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) certification process If the product is not approved, it must notify WPC and obtain WPC type approval.

A WPC import license is required to import devices other than broadcast receivers and TVRO systems. For the product that does not fall into the above category, the ETA WPC certificate can be requested through routine online procedures from the relevant RLOs, e.g. drones and a special camera. WPC registration requires a radio frequency (HF) test report for device type approval (ETA) for your product operating in these frequency bands. We help Indian and foreign brands to introduce their product to the Indian market by obtaining WPC certificate and import license. This licence is granted to providers of off-network services such as cable television distributors and wireless products. This license is required for the sale, purchase and import of certain wireless devices. If you are a registered business entity with the appropriate persons for the type of equipment or operation you operate, the WPC only grants you an off-network license. There are 3 types of WPC certificate is required for anyone who wants to do business with wireless devices in India.

Manufacturers and importers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices must obtain a WPC license (ETA certificate) from Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing, India. These articles may be introduced by providing a copy of the existing ETA accompanied by a signed undertaking clearly stating that – i. the product contains RF modules operating only in unlicensed frequency bands, and; II. The product is exempt from import licensing requirements in accordance with the DGFT import policy. The following documents are required for ETA WPC approval: For Device Type Approval (ETA), WPC registration requires an RF test report for products operating in the license withdrawal frequency bands of foreign ILAC accredited laboratories or Indian NABL accredited laboratories. To obtain the ETA, a fee of Rs 10,000/- is payable for each product in which one or more RF modules are installed. The product may be a finished model or RF module Yes, if it meets both of the following conditions, i.e. (i) is exempt from the import permit requirement under the DGFT Import Directive, and; (ii) Working in unlicensed frequency bands (in accordance with the relevant communications of the Ministry of Communications in the Official Gazette.

In order to obtain an ETA WPC certificate for unlicensed frequency band devices, a detailed test report of the equipment obtained from a recognized laboratory must be submitted to WPC INDIA for evaluation. We help our customers test their equipment and receive the test report in a suitable format for submission to WPC India. These are: Required documents. An issued WPC license is valid for the lifetime of the product. In case of modification of the product, a new license must be requested. The application for equipment type approval should be addressed to the Wireless Advisor of the Government of India. Preparation and submission of the required documents as well as a complete copy of the radio test report (RF test report) performed on the product by an accredited testing laboratory. The validity of the ETA (Equipment Type Approval) license remains valid as long as the product model is manufactured as is.

In such a case, no extension is required. The whole process is simple and straightforward. An RF (radio frequency) test report is required to obtain equipment type approval (WPC-ETA). WPC Office provides Device Type Approval (ETA), which is mandatory for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled computer and electronic products operating on an unlicensed frequency band (short-range home frequency).

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