If you claimed an exemption from withholding tax on the federal Form W-4, you may still need to withhold Illinois income tax. Use a paper form (obtained from the payroll office) if you: The W-4 for an employee who has indicated that he is exempt from withholding tax expires on February 15 of each calendar year. The ISU University payroll office sends a notice to employees who have completed their Form W-4 at the end of January of each calendar year, indicating that they are exempt from withholding tax. If the employee is qualified and wishes to continue to be exempt from federal income tax, the employee must complete a new Form W-4 and submit it to the Payroll Office within the time specified in the notice. To determine if you are eligible to apply for an exemption for your W-4, see the Withholding Tax Exemption section of IRS Publication 515. Please note that withholding income tax for non-resident foreigners for tax purposes is subject to special rules. Individuals should consult the TaxOffice@ilstu.edu before filing income tax forms. If an employee is to receive a bonus payment or additional salary (e.g., overload salary, summer research, summer school), it is the employee`s responsibility to change their withholding tax status on Form W-4 to avoid overtaxation due to additional income. Iowa will tax any Iowa source income that an Illinois resident receives that does not derive from wages or salaries. Illinois will tax any Illinois income that an Iowa resident receives that does not come from wages or salaries.

Examples of income that are not wages and therefore not covered by the reciprocal agreement between Iowa and Illinois include Iowa gambling profits and unemployment benefits for Iowa employment. The number of source fees you claim determines the amount of your tax-free income. Any compensation calculated before your W-4 information is received or your paper form is processed will be taxed at a standard rate equal to the « only » marital/zero exemption rate. This is required by internal tax procedures and is kept at the highest rate available. An Iowa resident working in Illinois for wages or salary must complete and file the Illinois Form IL-W-5-NR « Declaration of Non-Residence of the Employee in Illinois » with the employer so that the employer knows that it is appropriate to withhold Iowa income tax. The Iowa resident must also complete an Iowa W-4. A W-4 remains in effect until an employee submits a new one. except where an employee claims to be exempted or where the employment relationship has ended. An exempt employee must complete a new Form W-4 each calendar year. You can adjust the amount of Illinois state and federal income tax withheld by the university through State and Federal Employee Withholding Allowance Certificates, also known as W-4 tax forms. Use the following pages to complete your income tax withholding or W-4 information for the State of Illinois and the federal government.

You must provide this information so that the university can withhold the exact amount of tax from your income. Most employees can use an online form. For political or legal reasons, some employees are required to complete and return paper tax forms. Iowa and Illinois have entered into a reciprocal personal income tax agreement. At this point, Iowa`s only tax treaty is with Illinois. Each employee must complete a Form W-4 when they start working at the UIS. If an employee does not complete Form W-4, federal and state income taxes will be withheld using default rates established in federal and state regulations. The federal failure rate is the status of a single applicant without adjustments. The default rate of the State of Illinois is retained without a certificate. To help you complete your federal Form W-4, the IRS recommends that individuals use the withholding tax estimator.

The UIS does not refund taxes withheld under a valid Form W-4. To make changes to your federal or state Form W-4, employees can use employee self-service in My.IllinoisState. Alternatively, hard copies of a completed Federal Form W-4 or IL-W-4 may be submitted to the University`s Office of Human Resources. Completed documents can be submitted electronically using the secure Dropbox (Sensitive Form Submission) The University of Illinois system is the flagship system of higher education in the State of Illinois. The university offices cannot advise you on tax matters. Contact the federal or state Internal Revenue Service or your tax advisor for advice. Changes to submitted information are « real-time » updates and are immediately reflected in the banner/payroll. You can immediately view your change in Form W-4 under My User Interface Information. If any of the above conditions are true, contact your payroll customer service center for information on the correct form. To determine the correct number of certificates you need to request on your status IL-W-4 form, complete the worksheet on the back of the form to determine the correct number of certificates to which you are entitled. Any wages or salaries earned by an Iowa resident working in Illinois are taxable only for Iowa and not for Illinois. Any wages or salaries of an Illinois resident who works in Iowa are taxable only for Illinois and not for Iowa.

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