Neo-Latin staticus, from the Greek statikos to the standing station, skilled at weighing, from histanai to standing, swinging – more at the stand There was a rattling and the speaker died with a stutter of static. In the case of SEO, the results are either better, worse, or static keyword rankings. Such dependence is the result of geometrodynamic space-time and does not occur in static scenarios. But engine technology hasn`t been static over the past decade. There was immediately a crackling sound and explosion of static electricity, and the stumbling man fell screaming and shook his arms. The game is all about exploring, discovering beautiful views, etc. and 15 minutes into the game, you`ve probably seen them all in static loading screen images. In prison, Fama had discovered that he was much less static with blacks than with whites. Instead of explicitly declaring each non-static local variable, it seems easier to use explicit static declarations and __static for dynamic static variables. dynamic_text method described above, we can store more useful information in the body of the Arg – for example, [advisor myadvice before func]. Simple tricks learned during development, such as displaying static graphics or controlling where the user focused their attention, helped relieve nausea. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word « static. » The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Send us your feedback. The type of observation is essentially Schmidt`s – what he calls his static method. Static electricity is easier to remember when you think of static electricity in « stationary » and stationary. Do you remember what happens when you rub a ball against your head? This creates a stationary electrical charge, also known as static electricity. The actors, in lip sync in static poses representing ordinary family life. The term « static » is associated with the fact that researchers had to feed Watson with information, had to teach him how to use the Jeopardy! and change programming when they discovered bugs in Watson`s gameplay. Suddenly, each symbol was constant, static and alive on the screen, reinforced by the words synonymous – complete – synonymous – complete. From where Turner sits, he doesn`t mind if the most widely used numbers portray him as static. There is some overlap in mutations in all three variants, but they emerged independently and, along with other variants studied, make it clear that coronavirus is not a static target for vaccines and the human immune system.

FOSTER: It`s possible, because what you often get with DSL is what they call a static IP address that allows people to always locate your computer in the same place on the internet. This evolutionary and emergent property of grammar is not recognized in static formalist grammars such as TG grammar, which tend to imply that the structures they schematize so elegantly are set in stone. « There`s no static tonight, » Brandon said, listening to the enthusiastic girl. While we are lucky that our vaccines still work against current variants, we must keep in mind that in this race between vaccines and variants, variants do not remain static. Another Warhol « Screen Test, » this time shot in early 1965, brought a static Edie Sedgwick to the screen for four minutes. And why should we expect the number of hectares to remain static? Each layer consists of a static screen covered with blue and orange pens. Britannica English: Translation of static for Arabic speakers Static means not to move or change – it is often used to describe abstract ideas that cannot be seen. « The troops moved all over the country, engaged in skirmishes, but the general position of the army remained static.

Triggering static of the generator god, and she screamed, her whole body stretched out – he could kill her from a distance, they all could, and she was waiting for him, but instead there was only one word hanging before her eyes: This means that the camera must be static and I must insert explanatory intertitles. Dario Gil: The Next Age of Computing: Learning Systems Current Film Reviews, Independent Films – Film Threat It has been found that modern theory recognizes two classes of electricity, statics and dynamics. CNN Transcript – Saturday Morning News: Internet Privacy Becomes Tangled Web – February 5, 2000 The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays.

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