NYC DOT contractors have four (4) hours to respond to emergency street lighting conditions such as a fallen pole or electrical problem. For other questions, contractors must respond within 10 days. Major repairs, such as repairing a concrete foundation or removing obstacles on the power line, take longer. Contractors also report power problems to Con Edison. Report a damaged street light to the DOT in New York. In addition to the first phase of the LED conversion program, Public Works is replacing old lighting with LED lighting when the opportunity arises through routine replacement due to damage or wreckage, road rehabilitation projects and other street lighting projects. Subsequent phases of LED conversion are discussed and Public Works analyzes low-power fixtures mounted on low/medium level metal poles and wooden poles. Apply to install a banner promoting a public event or cultural exhibition on NYC DOT property, including street lights. Learn more about banner approvals Detailed information about the first phase, its introduction and frequently asked questions will appear in the LED street lighting update If you see a small flashing red light next to the streetlight light, call 311 to report it immediately. The LED indicates a problem with the electrical current. For the public seeking to understand the problem of color temperature, it is easy to associate it with the blue color of the light emitted by TVs, mobile phones, LEDs in home lighting, etc. We hear the same concerns about these fixtures/lights as we do about LED street lights in terms of the amount of blue light emitted.

Blue light (which is usually defined by a range of wavelengths in the light spectrum) is not unique to street lights. There is blue light emitted from other outdoor sources such as vehicle headlights, moonlight and sunlight. Even older street lights (high-pressure sodium, metal halide and fluorescent lamps) also contain blue light. New York`s street design manual includes distinctive street lights and fixtures that offer acceptable alternatives for use on city streets. Distinctive street lighting must be approved by the Public Design Commission/Local Preservation Commission/OMB and NYC DOT Urban Design and Street Light Engineering. Striking street lighting must be funded by elected officials. NYC DOT issues permits for the temporary removal of street lights. Applicants bear all costs of temporary removal of streetlights and are responsible for the storage and relocation of street lights to their original location. Applicants must also provide and maintain temporary lighting at or near street lighting.

NYC DOT issues permits for temporary changes in street lighting and signals for special events. NYC DOT may authorize the installation, removal or other modification of lights and signals. Permits require detailed drawings of the proposed changes, compensation from the city, and a licensed electrician. Application for temporary changes to street lighting and signage (pdf). Translations of NYC DOT licenses, permit applications and registrations. We converted the city`s street lighting to LED (Light Emitting Diode) light sources. This transformation meets the following objectives: Since July 2016, Public Works has been simultaneously converting Zones 1 and 2. More than 950 LED luminaires have been converted so far and another 500+ will be converted in the second half of 2016. As LED lighting has become the industry standard, Public Works has tested many products and requires street lights that focus light only where it is needed.

The adopted street lighting policy standard for newly installed street lighting requires full stop lights that do not allow lighting. This is equivalent to guiding the dark sky and reduces light pollution and intrusion. In addition, these complete stop lights, combined with the new LED technology, make it possible to direct the light only where it is needed. This further reduces light intrusion and glare for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The City of Minneapolis` street lighting policy and program will support the city`s efforts to create liveable communities and urban development. Adequate lighting levels are a safety issue. To be proactive, the city of Minneapolis is conducting its own test. Public Works has identified a street light that emits a « warmer light color with a more yellow/orange, less blue » appearance. These LED lights are generally less energy efficient and have some impact on how colors are perceived. The luminaire will be installed and tested on Plymouth Avenue, between Lyndale Ave N and 2nd St N. In 2015, we developed, tested and started switching to LED luminaires.

Recently, more attention has been paid to LED street lighting and includes two topics – a) light transgression/dark sky/glare and b) color temperature. Each of these topics is summarized below. This page contains basic street lighting information for Washington State local governments, including relevant laws and legal notices, as well as examples of local street lighting standards, policies, and rates. As part of the largest project of its kind in the country, NYC DOT upgraded nearly every street light in New York City with energy-efficient LEDs. Can cities temporarily close roads to motor vehicles and allow streets to be blocked by pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles and for? Business improvement districts, local development agencies and other groups may register to install temporary Christmas lights on city streetlights for a period of sixty (60) days. Before each installation, the group must complete the registration form. Registration Form for Temporary Christmas Lights This document shows the three types of LED full switch lights mounted on metal poles in the city. The higher power street lights (300 W converted to 93 W LEDs) were selected as the first phase because of their greater advantage and faster return on investment. This first phase began at the end of 2015 with the existing high-power streetlights on the main arteries and in the city center. NYC DOT issues permits for the permanent installation of street lights. All work must be performed by a licensed electrician in New York City. NYC DOT`s Public Lighting Engineering Department must process relevant documentation and, if acceptable, approve all relocation plans.

Conditions for installing streetlights at private expense (pdf). Washington State Drives Entire Streets Overall, Public Works will continue to oversee the evolution of technology and related LED research. As we learn more, we will update this website and, if necessary, our street lighting policy. A policy will help ensure that all areas of Minneapolis are treated consistently and provide clear guidance to elected officials, residents, developers and the Department of Public Works on all aspects of installing and maintaining the street lighting system. The New York Department of Transportation`s street lighting engineering department must process the relevant documentation and, if acceptable, approve any temporary removal plan Conditions for the temporary removal of street lights (pdf) An emerging problem: robotic delivery devices could come to a neighborhood near you Quincy City Council Approves Special Events Enforcement Order Public Works has became aware of the color temperature problem at the end of 2015. Since then, we have continued to monitor this issue and have had discussions with Xcel Energy. For those who want to know more about this topic, please read the links below.

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