Who can demand to see a copy of the will? When a person dies, the following people have a legal right to commencement In this article, we look at what happens if you die without a will or, perhaps more commonly, what you give yourself confidence in planning and managing your personal affairs and maintaining your claims as a beneficiary. We advise you in family law and accompany you with expertise and compassion throughout the experience Our goal is to: Be results-oriented and efficient, authentic and down-to-earth, good at explaining complex issues and transparent about costs and timelines New identification requirements for directors from November 2021 Last updated: 18 October 2021 If you are interested in becoming a director or are already an Introduction (as of 30.03.2020) COVID19 is having a profound impact on the Australian economy and the employment landscape in Australia. Fortunately, Swanwick Murray Roche was founded in 1892 when a young lawyer, Fredrick Howard Swanwick, moved from Brisbane to Rockhampton. Katina Kyreakou is a special advocate for Swanwick Murray Roche, she is also an independent children`s advocate and separate representative. Her experience includes work in custody, separation, divorce and property settlement. Real Estate Regulations | Evaluation of the real estate contract on the value of the property. When the parties agree on the value of an asset or liability, our primary goal is to help you – provide you with results-oriented, cost-effective advice in a timely manner. Choosing an executor What is an executor? An executor is one or more people you Executor Commission Can an executor be compensated for his or her role in administering a will? An executor may demand payment (e.g. executor`s commission) Nicola Goodwin is a lawyer for Swanwick Murray Roche and practices in family law, divorce and separation, parental disputes and family law.

New licensing and registration requirement From 1. July 2019: Before a pilot can operate a drone weighing more than 250 grams, the We advise and complete a full range of business transactions, including large mining companies and landowners and franchisees moving with children – do you need your ex-partner`s consent? If you and your ex-partner share parental responsibility for your children equally, David Lipke is a partner in our Rockhampton firm, overseeing the firm`s litigation and insurance department. His experience includes working in institutional claims, employee compensation and motor vehicle accident claims. Damien Martin is an associate in the areas of property law, commercial law and estate litigation at the firm. His experience includes retail leases, succession planning and employment disputes. Robert Rooney is the firm`s Property Business & Estate partner. Robert`s experience includes commercial transactions and advisory activities, succession and estate work. Calculation of child support The Child Support Act 1989 (Cth) requires a parent to support his or her children in the form of a child. Our lawyers and lawyers in Rockhampton have extensive experience in motor vehicle accidents, workers` compensation, liability and complete permanent disability claims The continuity of the company`s name symbolizes our historic association with the development of Central Queensland, our support for its employees and communities in the Rockhampton area, and our commitment to our clients` continued success in our selected service areas of insurance, agriculture, trade, mining and personal services.

Terry Tummon uses our experience in the real estate industry to help you better understand your rights and obligations and is a partner in the firm that oversees the family law department. Terry`s experience includes managing real estate regulations and litigation. Enduring power of attorney A continuing power of attorney is an official document that gives another person the power to do personal health.

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