In line with Scottish Government guidelines, certain rules have been put in place to ensure everyone`s safety. In 1994, the Times described the channel as « a fashionable gathering place for the Stripped Pine Brigade. » [39] The interior of the chain has been described as « minimalist ». [40] The chain has been criticized by some, such as writer Will Self, for spreading bland uniformity on Britain`s main streets and removing individual elements from the pubs it transforms. [41] [42] In 1997, a slug and lettuce in a Grade II listed building in Islington Green illegally removed its former mahogany bar, which then had to be restored. [43]. At night we become the ideal meeting place, the perfect atmosphere for a night full of parties, dances and of course cocktails! We are very happy to announce that our Slug & Lettuce bars are now open! We know how much you`ve missed regular cocktails, lunches, and bottomless brunch dates with friends. Finally together again! It`s time to make up for all missed lunch appointments. Brunch is one of the most important meals of the day, especially when combined with bottomless bubbles! Choose a dish from our divine brunch menu. Yes – people can meet friends or family in pubs as long as they abide by the rule of six or consist of two households. Groups seated outside must be less than 30.

The outlets sell a selection of cocktails, beer and wine. Since 2011, branches have opened early for breakfast. So why not start planning again now! Our booking systems are open. Cocktails and celebrations. So start scheduling your S&L appointments late! Download it for your next visit, then read our FAQ below for more information. Slug and Lettuce is a chain of bars operating in the United Kingdom, with a large number in London and the South East of England. In 2017, there were a total of 70 branches. [3] Hugh Corbett opened the first Slug and Lettuce in Islington in 1985. He tried to improve the public environment at a time when standards were often low. Our eGift Cards are the perfect way to gift one of your S&L favorites! Buy yours for your next visit! So start scheduling your late S&L appointments with us now! For more information on our Covid-19 policies and procedures, please click here Since 2011, stores have opened early to serve breakfast. [33] In September 2012, Stonegate President Ian Payne announced plans to expand the chain, which he said had overtaken Main Street over the past three years and recorded double-digit growth. [34] Starting in 2012, outlets will be renovated with a gold, purple, green and plum colour palette.

[35]. Please click here to make a reservation with Missoula in Glasgow Children (if admission depends on the licensing requirements of the venue you frequent) should always be supervised and stay with your group. Be sure to download our fabulous Slug & Lettuce app for your next date! We have fabulous news for you, our bars are finally open. If you would like to make a booking and speak to a member of our sales team, call us on 03300 940135. Payments must be made contactless (up to £45), via our app or in cash according to the bar`s instructions. The menu includes mostly traditional English-inspired cuisine and includes burgers, curries, pasta and salads. [36] In the beverage sector, the chain focuses on beer, wine and spirits cocktails such as iced tea and Long Island mojitos. [37] Some outlets sell beer on tap.

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