Modern dictionary for the legal profession in print and on LexisNexis. In addition to explaining legal terms such as « lemon law, » it also includes references to colloquial expressions heard in practice. Search more than 10,000 legal words and phrases for clear plain language definitions. An easy-to-follow guide to the legal language of Merriam-Webster`s dictionary experts. The use of dictionaries at the Supreme Court is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. Black`s Law Dictionary is the most widely used American legal dictionary. It is available in print, on Westlaw (database: BLACKS) and as an iPhone app. To define a legal term, enter a word or phrase below. Ballentine`s Law Dictionary available in print and on LexisNexis. This dictionary contains more than 40,000 definitions of legal terms « based on the actual interpretation of these terms by courts of last resort, each case being cited on the page where the definition appears ». A term for something that is honorable, respectful and reputable. REPUTATION, evidence. The opinion generally held by persons who know another about its character (s.a.) or it is the opinion generally held by a person; who know a family in terms of pedigree and others.

2. In general, reputation is proof of 1. The character of a man in society. 2d. A family tree. (S. A.) ..3d. Certain normative or customary rights and duties and matters of public knowledge. (S. A.) But since this evidence is very weak in itself, it must be supported.

1st edition. In the case of the exercise of the right or privilege, by proving the exercise of that right or privilege during the period of living memory; 1 mouth & selw. 679; 5 R. T. 32; After that, proof of reputation can be provided. 2d. The fact must be of a public.3d nature. It must come from people who may know the facts. 4. The facts must be general and not specific. 5.

They must be free from suspicion. 1 Strong. Ev. 54-65. Empty 1 Har. & M`H. 152; 2 Nott & M`C. 114 5 days, R.

290; 4 hen. & M. 507; 1 tayl. R. 121; 2 Hayw. 3; 8 pp. and R. 159; 4 John. No.

52; 18 John. R. 346; 9 Mass. R. 414; 4 ridges. 2057; Dougl. 174; Cowp. 594; 3 Swan. 400; Dudl. Thus.

Car. R. 346; and art. Character; Memory. 2. A number of encyclopaedic files contain elements of Bouvier`s legal dictionary, a work published in the 1850s. These files usually have a « –b- » after the definition. After all, the entire electronic version of Bouvier`s with 2 volumes and 7 MB – which sells elsewhere for $40 and more – is just one of many free products and services available exclusively to members of our GoldCard program. « How quickly we forget history.

The government is not the reason. Government is not eloquence. This is violence. And like fire, he is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. Know that some of Bouvier`s grammars and spellings are even more original than ours, so don`t complain to us, we didn`t. Also, there are sometimes Latin and obsolete terms that we have left behind, although we have no idea what they mean, so don`t ask. 3. Most importantly, you should never rely on legal material without verifying its accuracy with a reliable source. We strongly encourage people – and lawyers too – to read our FAQ on the use of legal information powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, 2nd free ed., and The Law Dictionary. LAWYER – A universally popular and respected professional who is always honest, fair, trustworthy, brave, blah, blah, blah. –b– THE LIBRARY OF LECTICAL LAW — 1. « * » Refers to terms with more detailed explanations, case citations, etc.

and a size of 2 to 25 KB. Words and phrases available in print and on Westlaw. Contains all legal constructions and definitions of words and phrases from state and federal courts since ancient times, arranged alphabetically and indexed. n. a person`s good reputation, honour and what the community thinks of him. The quality and value of a person`s reputation is a key issue in defamation (defamation and defamation) suits, as damage to one`s reputation by published lies can determine the amount of judgment against the slanderer. Sometimes a person`s reputation is so great that most slander can`t do him much harm. (See: slander, slander, slander) U.S. courts website on commonly used terms and glossary of terms commonly used by Westlaw in legal research here. This is doubly true for Bouvier stuff.

Although it was written 150 years ago, and although much can still be done, there have been some minor changes in some aspects of the law since its last revision. For example, it is possible for women to be able to vote now, and we think we heard that slavery was abolished a few years ago.

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