Buy legally sized expandable briefcases with enhanced cost-effective expansion with Mylar. Available in different extension sizes. These legally sized extendable briefcases are manufactured from 11 pt. red rope foreheads and backs. Expandable file pockets have an 11 pt. Manila rear lining and an 11 pt. Red rope front lining and with a reinforced bellows 6-1/2″ high. Use these six expandable briefcases to keep large amounts of flying documents in a single file. This type of extensible briefcase is best used in lightweight to medium filing environments.

Looped areas can help prevent crowd control, but using looped areas alone is not effective. In addition to security guards, wristbands are a great (cheap and effective) way to boost crowd control. This way, only people wearing wristbands can attend an event and be easily identified. For more information on wristbands and crowd control, please visit the link below. Southwest Solutions Group® understands that your filing system is more than the shelves it sits on. A sophisticated filing system not only saves valuable space, but also increases employee productivity. A well-designed filing system allows employees to spend more time at work instead of searching for the files they need. Call us today at 1-800-803-103 and our team of ranking experts will work closely with you to analyze your existing system and provide a grading solution that helps improve productivity with an organized filing system. › Item: R-FE1076KG› Legal Size› 15″ L x 10″ H› Redrope Stock› Redrope› 3 1/2″ Expansion› Straight Cut, End Tab› 50 folders per box Redrope file bags are a great way to organize folders. You can group many regular files into Redrope pocket folders because they have expandable bellows that extend to 3-1/2″ or 5-1/4″.

This is a great solution for lawyers who have records with many different records. You can keep all case files in one bag of Redrope files and have the entire file in one easily accessible place. Click here to see the legal bags with strong TYVEK Gussets If you`re wondering where to find some of these Smead Redope cases with tabbie handles, just visit our StoreMoreStore partner store! You have all the different types of Redrope briefcases available. (Click here to buy Smead Redrope storage bags and Tabbies bag handles) The term red rope for expandable folders comes from a manufacturer of this type of file folders. That is the type of material used in this case. Red rope is also a term for red hemp. Pack of 5, top tab 3.5″ extendable red rope bags, legal size. Made of double thickness, durable 1. Here`s an example of a space-saving filing solution that can keep you organized: No, but you can get in trouble lol depends on who does it with NOPE! But whatever you do, don`t try the police! To make Redrope briefcases even more convenient, you can attach a tabbies pull handle®. The tabbies pull handle allows you to pull on it when you reach a file instead of the boosted bellows. The handle is made of extremely durable Tyvek®, the same material used in high-quality shipping envelopes, so you know it won`t tear.

The tabbies handles also offer space for the contents of the bag and are available in 6 different colors that allow easy file recognition. › 1536KGNFST› Legal size› 14-3/4″ W x 9-1/2″ H› Extension 5-1/4″› Tyvek Folds› End tab file› 10 folders per box Instead of organizing folders alphabetically in large side binders, you can store them on sliding shelves with roller shutters in Smead Redrope storage pockets. Open sliding shelves save 40% of space and cost less than side filing cabinets, while briefcases keep you efficient and organized.

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