Pellet guns (BBs) and mail pistols are not designed to shoot people. However, they can kill small animals. « (These) are clearly described as weapons, » Dr. Nelson said. Pellet guns are air guns that, as the name suggests, use air to effectively propel their projectiles. They differ from firearms because they do not require gunpowder and because they are not considered lethal weapons. 1. On the twenty-third day©of December in the year two thousand and fourteen, Prosecutor Manuel Antonio Chuyo Zavaleta, of the First Provincial Prosecutor of Trujillo, indicted Miguel Angel Moreno Simon as the author of the crime of illegal possession of a weapon, enshrined in Article 279 of the Criminal Code to the detriment of the State. The offence is that on the twenty-first December two thousand and thirteen, at approximately 7.30 p.m., the person of Julia Leonor Rodráguez Floriano was presented at the PNP police station in Alto Trujillo, where she stated that she had been the victim of physical and psychological violence by her companion Miguel Angel Moreno Simón. Complainant that the defendant had a firearm in his possession because he had managed to escape and file the appropriate complaint because the defendant was at home with his two minor children, for this reason, police officers were arrested at the address of block « LLâ, lot 04, ward 5-A, district Alto Trujillo, Trujillo province, La Libertad department, because there is imminent danger that the accused may attempt to take measures against the physical integrity of his minor children. When he arrived at that address, the defendant refused to open the front door of his apartment, so that, with the permission of the owner of plot No.

03 – the house next to the events – it was possible to enter from the right side of the applicant`s house, where the defendant Miguel Angel Moreno Simón intervened. During the search, a 44-gauge, Model 1873 shotgun was found, with a ±and short) wooden stock, missing two bolts. When he observed the ceiling of Eternit in the first room intended for the room, he had a hole, which is why he was taken to the PNP commissioner of Alto Trujillo. Weapons, whether fire or compressed air, are items that should always be handled with care to avoid accidents. The use and control of weapons is an issue that is the subject of controversial debate in different parts of the world. There are those who agree with legal gun ownership, while others prefer state regulation and strict control over the use of these types of firearms and who can obtain them. d) Company incorporation registration form and current power of attorney of legal representative, issued by the National Superintendence of Public Registers (SUNARP), within thirty (30) days of the commencement of the procedure in SUCAMEC specifying powers for the acquisition of firearms. Just because the legislation in these countries is a bit stricter doesn`t mean it`s impossible to get a gun if you want to. It`s even easier when it comes to pellet guns. 66.3. If the Public Prosecutor`s Office, the Peruvian National Police or other competent public bodies seize and seize firearms, ammunition and related material used in the commission of criminal offences, they must send them to SUCAMEC in accordance with the provisions of article 43 of these regulations. The judicial authority may request them only for the purpose of the necessary procedure, at the end of which they are returned without delay to SUCAMEC under the responsibility of the official or agent who requested the weapon; without prejudice to the denunciation to the Public Prosecutor`s Office, so that he can promote the criminal act that could correspond to his illegal possession.

85.2. Catalogue dealers: 85.2.1. Natural or legal persons admitted to this category may import, export, transfer, distribute and move arms, ammunition and related materiel for civilian use by means of a catalogue. 85.2.2. They may temporarily store weapons, ammunition or other materials for civilian purposes that have not yet been delivered to their owners. 85.2.3. The maximum delivery time for firearms by Marketing Agents is three (3) working days from their departure from the responsible warehouses of SUCAMEC. After this period, they must re-import the above-mentioned firearms. 85.2.4. Ammunition other than firearms and corresponding ammunition or related material may also be stored on the premises.

Article 87.- Security conditions of premises where weapons other than firearms, their ammunition and related materiel are sold for civilian purposes Premises intended exclusively for the marketing of weapons other than firearms, their ammunition and related material for civilian purposes must be registered as such with SUCAMEC and be physically adapted by SUCAMEC, to check whether the objects marketed are the beneficiaries. A directive adopted by SUCAMEC lays down the corresponding minimum safety requirements. Article 100: Importation of Weapons Other Than Firearms 100.1. Natural or legal persons authorised to place on the market weapons other than firearms, their ammunition and related materiel may, with the prior authorisation of SUCAMEC, import the products for which they must comply with the import and internment procedures laid down in this Regulation. 100.2. Resolutions authorizing the importation of firearms other than firearms for the purpose of marketing are valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of notification to the applicant. Article 110: Export of Weapons Other Than Firearms 110.1. Natural or legal persons authorized to place non-firearms on the market may export these products with the prior authorization of SUCAMEC by submitting the following documents: (a) Application form signed by the applicant, his/her legal representative or lawyer.

(b) a copy of the proof of payment for the procedural fee, indicating the number of the applicant`s identity document or RUC. (c) the Spanish form of the technical specifications of the goods to be exported, or translated into that language if the original language is different, indicating the type, make, model, size, identification code, identification nomenclature, indication of the quantity and unit of measurement to be used. 110.2. If you previously had an authorization to export firearms or ammunition, it can be extended by submitting the above documents. 110.3. An authorization to export weapons other than firearms is valid for one (1) calendar year from the date of notification to the applicant. ADDITIONAL TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS In the case of a category 4 pistol. 1, the corresponding card is type A. This document has a valid validity that lasts for 5 years and allows your creditor to carry 1 to 6 weapons, while all fall into the above category. The type of card must be respected, because if you have an A card and you take a category 4 pistol with you.

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