I need to know who and why is requesting an attachment on my account. All he says is court-ordered collection – 916-845-7064 – file number 562969937 It smells of fraud. So give me the information you received so that this set is set on my account. Perhaps less known is the Wells Fargo History Museum. Early stagecoaches, photography, gold nuggets, telegraphs and railway machinery are exhibited in these museums. In reference to the gold rush of 1897, Wells Fargo opened the museum in Anchorage, Alaska, which contains a significant amount of Alaska Native artifacts, a number of Alaskan ivory carvings, and several Alaskan artists, as well as, of course, those and historical information about Wells Fargo during this period. Since 2016, Wells Fargo has been embroiled in an almost endless series of controversies: the development of fake deposit accounts and credit cards, the illegal acquisition of insurance premiums on behalf of customers, improper auto and mortgage procedures, and the alteration of consumer data — practices that date back at least fifteen years and were only approved after journalistic and regulatory requests. Wells Fargo was fined billions of dollars by the government, settled crimes and civil lawsuits, and made payments to victims. Yet it is likely that the bank`s misdeeds would tarnish its reputation before a cynical public. My account was managed in October 2012 with a seizure of funds from my checking account. For some reason, the creditor did not receive the money (I guess this is because my salary is garnished for the debt).

In July 2013, I filed an application to set aside the seizure order, which had been issued in November 2013. Since then, I have tried in vain to return my money. The initial order (October 2012) was sent directly to DC`s office, which in turn forwarded it to Philadelphia Legal Processing. My Precipe (July 2013) was sent directly to the DC branch, which in turn « lost/never received » and 2. a second copy was sent directly to the store manager who in turn sent it to Philadelphia for processing and to return my money. To date, I have not received my money. I called the legal department and they told me that they « no longer accept court documents from branches and that the documents must come directly to them in Philadelphia. » I asked him for the address to possibly get a 3. , and she told me they could fax her and she refused to give me the mailing address. I called the court and spoke to the judge`s clerk and he told me it was illegal for them to tell me that I could not have my money if they complied with the October 2012 seizure order sent by the court to the bank of DC, which then sent it to Philadelphia for processing. He told me that they would not fax anything anywhere and that what had been signed and sent to the bank branch on November 15 and again in December 2013 should have been enough. He said he had never heard of the practice from a bank. If I have a legally binding court order and I bring it to the branch and it is noted on my document that a statement of claim has been sent to the DC branch and indicates its address, they must comply with it.

My question is: How do I know if this practice is legal? Why are they taking my money so quickly and I have to go through flooding to get it back? I want to write a letter, but I don`t know where or to whom to address it. You can request a payment freeze through Wells Fargo Online®, over the phone, or by visiting your local branch and talking to a banker. Wells Fargo Summons Processing is now in North Carolina. The legal department for handling subpoenas is located in Arizona at 480-724-2000. The Philadelphia office moved to North Carolina. PO Box 1416, Charlotte, NC 28262 Published April 2019 – Wells Fargo responds to subpoenas only in the following manner, as far as I know: All subpoenas must be served on Wells Fargo, N.A. They must be delivered in person at a local office or sent to the registered representative. CSC is the registered agent (telephone is 866-403-5272) and asks for the address of the state where you are issuing the summons. The address indicated on the assignment must always be the location of the assignment (listed below) or apparently the local establishment where you serve it. Again, they only respond to subpoenas if they are handwritten to a local office or sent to the registered officer. Wells Fargo will only respond to subpoenas if they are delivered correctly and service policies are followed. All subpoenas must be served on Wells Fargo, with the North American office specified taking into account the different out-of-state litigation service requirements.

It is necessary that each summons contain the identity of the court that issued the summons, as well as the identity of the court where the underlying claim is pending, as well as a correct indication of the title of the application and the number of the civil claim. I sent my subpoena to the Subpoena Processing Department in Philadelphia and received this letter in return: « Wells Fargo is unable to comply with the law and the objectives. This matter will be treated as invalid – the summons was not served in an acceptable manner (it was sent to the U.S. S.P.S.). B. registered mail) and it has not been served within the issuing State. I`m going to send my subpoena to the local office in Florida, but hey, it`s a subpoena that doesn`t handle subpoenas? Find phone numbers, mailing addresses, and other ways to contact Wells Fargo. To stop payments for a cheque by phone, please call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557). Please have the following information handy when speaking to a banker: beneficiary name, account number, paper item number or paper item number range, date of paper item and quantity of item. If you are a Wells Fargo customer, please include your account number in your correspondence. To find the address of a Wells Fargo office, use our locator.

This website is not Wells Fargo and we cannot assist you. As indicated on our home page, please note the following: ************* Lawyer, paralegal, legal assistant, etc.) and you are not about to serve a subpoena, then this website is NOT for you. People who are looking for help with their current account at ABC Bank or trying to cancel an account at Bank XYZ or any other consumer-related issue will not find what they are looking for here. Over the years, we`ve had people looking for help getting rid of wage garnishments, accessing funds from a deceased parent`s account, and resolving payment issues with credit card companies. Unfortunately, we cannot help with all this. We also had people who were very upset, thinking we were ABC Bank or Bank XYZ, and demanding that we answer their calls or questions related to the account. I have sent a few subpoenas to Wellsfargo and they all come back and say they are not addressed to the right entity, can anyone help me???? Lori, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, this site is not part of Wells Fargo. It is simply a directory to help people in the legal field. Wells Fargo continues to give me the race. I served the local branch through USPS Certified Mail The nice girl told me she faxed it to the legal department.

Once the 30 days were up, I called the local office and spoke to them again, received a phone number (215), area code and reference number. The representative told me that my summons was not properly served because I did not personally go to the local branch! In addition, that the local branch must « send » the assignment by email, not « fax »! After going back and forth with the representative, I was told to fax them my subpoena and that they would review and review it.

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