The best lawn mower for a lawn care business is designed to keep working hard. If you compare your out-of-the-box devices with consumer-grade ones, you`ll notice some critical differences. Commercial devices are superior and can be used for hours every day. As experts have noted, the size of your lawn will determine whether you need to invest in a ride-on lawn mower – it`s usually not worth it for owners under half an acre. However, the type of terrain can also affect how the mower is used. A lawn tractor works well on any relatively flat lawn and in landscapes with many uneven areas, especially if it has a steering wheel that offers more control. If you have a relatively flat yard with obstacles like rocks and gravel, « a ZTR will likely show better results because it can rotate 360 degrees in a small place and rotate at sharp angles, » McKenzie said. Find a good mower shop, buy from them and they should take care of you. If you buy coins, etc. on account, be sure to pay them religiously on the due date. We independently research, test, review and recommend the best products – learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we can earn a commission. A compact ride-on mower that`s a little too big for a push mower There are a lot of factors that play a role in choosing the right commercial lawn mowers for your lawn care business, but blind loyalty to a particular brand isn`t one of them.

Ride-on lawn mowers tend to be faster and easier to use than sliding or self-propelled lawn mowers because of their large motors and wider mowing platforms that can cut a larger area of grass in a single pass. The ability to drive the mower can also be « crucial for homeowners who have back problems and can`t walk behind an average lawn mower without fatigue, » McKenzie said. A push mower is necessary for small lawns and areas of the yard that you cannot access with a ride-on mower. Like a ride-on mower, there are a variety of brands and styles. However, to save time and energy, most lawn care companies use durable self-propelled and self-propelled push mowers. A used or push mower is enough for your business. The Troy-Bilt Bronco has a through frame that offers more legroom and offers a center seat back and rubber foot pads to make you feel comfortable. The machine has a rear coupling for pulling garden carts, sprayers and spreaders, and there are also bagging and mulching accessories available separately. The only downside, however, is that this mower only offers five cutting heights, with the lowest setting being 1.25 inches. The defining feature of zero rotary mowers is a turning radius of zero degrees. These mowers turn harder and are usually faster than lawn tractors. However, they are more expensive than other ride-on mowers.

Whether you`re shopping at a large hardware store like Lowe`s, a local hardware store, or an authorized brand retailer, there are countless options for a new ride-on mower. You can choose gas- or battery-powered models and reduce deck widths from just 30 inches to six feet. Besides your budget, there are many features and scenarios that you need to consider when buying a new ride-on mower. The size of your yard will determine the width of the cutting bridge, although a 42- or 46-inch version is more than enough for most job sites. Our only complaints? The seat becomes uncomfortable if you mow for a long time and it has no mulch adjustment. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a reliable ride-on mower and are ready to upgrade to a battery-powered model, this is the best choice. The 320 models of a John Deere ride-on mower are powered by a Kohler Command CH2O engine with a displacement of 624cc and a SMART-CHOKE carburetor. A rear-engined mower is easier to maneuver and store than a front-engined mower. Zero-turn mowers are designed to cut grass at a higher speed and maneuver around sharp angles.

Zero-turn mowers also allow you to change direction without fuse. They are equipped with automatic or hydrostatic gas pipelines. To get started, start with an affordable model. A high-quality ride-on lawn mower lasts for years. Choose one with a powerful engine and a comfortable seat. If you own a lawn care business, consider buying a mower with an app-compatible battery. This way, you can keep an eye on your mower and fix any problems that arise. Some of these mowers even have a Bluetooth function and apps to adjust the cut with a smartphone. The app also allows you to adjust the cutting height and driving speed remotely. Ride-on mowers are a popular mower choice for homeowners, especially if you have a large plot to maintain each summer.

They have cutting corners ranging from 42 to 72 inches, so you can do a short job of everything from typical lawns to large properties like sports complexes and golf courses. To help you decide which ride-on lawn mower is best for you, we`ve consulted experts on their recommended advice. We`ve also narrowed down some highly rated options with different cutting widths and performance types for lawns of different sizes and care preferences. In general, experts recommended cutting widths of at least 30 inches for small projects of less than one acre, 36 inches for medium-sized yards (one to two acres), 42 inches for large projects (three to four acres), and 60 inches for even larger projects of five acres or more. Building on the original Turf Tiger model, the Scag Turf Tiger II is a new and improved design. Turn Tigers are extremely sturdy mowers that can easily handle any conditions. With this mower, you get competitive specs, and the propulsion system, engine, and suspended seat are all able to compete with the leading brands in the industry. This Cub Cadet ride-on lawn mower features a 50-inch wide cutter, steel frame and a dual Kawasaki 23H engine. The mower is « better suited for uphill lawns thanks to the extra power of the engine and its lower height, » Hill said.

It also has two hydrostatic gearboxes that allow the mower to accelerate up to 7.5 mph forward and up to 3.5 mph backward. Cub Cadet also makes an electric version of this model in case you are looking for the benefits of an electric unit. But which brand is *really* the best commercial lawn mower? Here`s the thing: any of the consumer commercial lawn mower brands can offer you a quality product that does exactly what it`s supposed to do – cut the grass.

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