« Hindu » is the most important part of your preparation, as most of the questions in the preliminary round and main courses come from this diary. This article provides some practical tips on how to read editorials for the ICD exam. Before you learn to read the editorial section of the newspaper, here are a few things you should do: 1: A plan for India`s reformed multilateralism 2: Changing monsoon patterns Unqualified lessons: Indonesia`s deadly football tragedy raises serious questions Beyond the challenge of navigating the tense dynamics between the great powers, Delhi must address the key issue in Ukraine – changing borders through the use of force. As a nation full of diversity and territorial expansionism on its borders, India cannot accept the idea of a great power attacking its neighbor, conquering territories and annexing the occupied territories The place of the main function was Rajghat in the capital, where Vice President M Hidayatullah, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, his cabinet colleagues and other political leaders were present. Understanding the idea of a pregnant person as gender neutral is an important step forward in recognizing the reproductive health and rights of transgender and gender-based people. Public stocks of rice and wheat are at their lowest level in five years and two-thirds of their level a year ago. India`s next harvest will not be ready until the end of March. Importing wheat into the reserve should help keep market prices under control, the Indian Supreme Court has interpreted the right to life extensively, even in the recent decision. In contrast, the U.S. Supreme Court has learned the wrong lessons of history in its decisions on abortion and gun control Given that high prices limit consumption, controlling inflation must be a top political priority Alok Rai writes: To draw the line between free speech and hate speech, inequalities of power – and unequal access to freedom of expression – must be addressed. Technology is a great tool for forging solidarity and overcoming the obstacles of distance. Live streaming of court proceedings will hopefully fulfill this task and translate notions of legal justice into public and everyday discourse Previous decisions on divisions within political parties could guide the commission in deciding on the claims of the Thackeray and Shinde Sena factions Andrew Dominik`s biopic Blonde raises important issues of artistic manipulation and exploitation 1.

Being a permanent member of the UN Security Council is another story 2. NASA`s asteroid-spacecraft collision 1. In the warning signs of nature, a boost to the riparian states 2. Rediscovery of the Bay of Bengal If you go through the questionnaires of previous years, you will find that the importance is attached to the following topics: As the congressional presidential election heats up, our opinion editor gives an overview of the battle between Shashi Tharoor and Mallikarjun Kharge The Congress is on the right track, but Gandhis are not allowed to play the favorites in the competition President Putin has no choice but to climb, given Russia`s current position in the Russo-Ukrainian War. This will test both Ashok Gulati`s opponents and friends of Moscow: to control rising food costs, you need to invest in sustainable agriculture. This, in turn, requires the elimination of perverse subsidies, both articulating the problem of Congress and proposing possible solutions will be an important legacy of ongoing competition. Even if, as is likely, Tharoor loses this so-called election, the party should listen to him 1. Putting power back in the hands of people 2.

Showcasing India as a characteristic destination The additions and improvements around the Gateway to India and the surrounding lawns are exceptional. But if the entire complex is not integrated into a unique and seamless visual and walking experience, the importance of modern history, now embellished by the natural beauty of the Kartavya Trail, would be lost The transformation of poorly planned and imperfect plans into a success will be the endurance test of General Anil Chauhan of the food delivery platform Swiggy introduced a « moonlighting policy » in August, which encourages employees to make secondary appearances to maintain their finances. 1. The claim of the countries of the South in geopolitics 2. Human Development Index 2021-22 and India Vikram S Mehta writes: India still has a long way to go before it can completely wean itself off fossil fuels. During this transition period, gas producers should enjoy unrestricted marketing freedom and pricing Tavleen Singh writes: If the Congress Party could not defeat the BJP in Uttar Pradesh after fantastic lies, incompetence and communal polarisation, it was proof that the dynasty had lost its magical appeal. 1: Let go of an opportunity to democratize telecommunications services 2: As India ages, crowd protocols must require measures such as the barricade of players at the end of the game to keep anyone storming the field. On the way to a World Cup, sport urgently needs to send a message – win or lose, your team will play the game, because the magic of football lies in its eternal morning of fodder inflation at its highest of 9 years, late rains, crop damage aggravate the crisis Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from previous leaders who managed to gain political power and introduce democratic regimes.

Ponniyin Selvan 1: Mani Ratnam is not an SS Rajamouli, but he is fearless In the groundwater near the Delhi landfill, Avali Khare writes: The verdict cannot facilitate the traumatic process of seeking abortion services. Most infrastructure institutions operate in transgender people of binary gender, gender diverse and are insensitive to their needs. If abortion laws don`t speak to all pregnant people, they will continue to expose trans men, transmasculin people, and non-binary people to harassment.

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