I hope to get my second vaccine today, which may mean I won`t feel like writing tomorrow. We`ll see what happens, but if there`s no post tomorrow, it`s probably because I`m bedridden. For the record, I still love Jimmy. I even like his new format a little, even if I preferred his Mr. Atheist stuff a little more. When I hear him speak in the video above, I hear someone who is really hurt and desperate by what happened. He seems sincere to me, even if I do not know him personally. I just find his show entertaining and sometimes funny. I don`t like to see people in need.

But when I listen to him talk about this situation, I realize that I am happier as an obscure blogger. I remember how I felt when it seemed like people were chasing me, spying on me and trying to stir up the. I really don`t like it. I mean, he clarified RIGHT NOW on Twitter, apparently in response to me. That is why I say this now. I worked with the information I had before. Now that there is an update directly from him that clarifies, I will also update my language. It`s the respectful thing you can do. I do not knowingly or intentionally disclose false information in any way. I didn`t fool anyone either, because he published the name himself. To be clear. :) I admit and say that Tara and I called him [name blackened] because we considered Jimmy a stage name.

Now that he has said otherwise, my language will change. I`m not here to attack Jimmy personally. I`m here to say he`s some kind of asshole, but it`s not illegal to say so. And it`s not illegal to be an asshole. I don`t really know what it is. I don`t know why a negative book review has become such a big problem. I`ve seen several videos of other YouTube personalities commenting on this. Some have said bad things about Jimmy Snow. Maybe it`s personal for some people. Perhaps they themselves are involved in the drama. However, I suspect that some people make these videos for views and money. It seems to me to be somewhat tasteless and unnecessarily dramatic.

I listen to Jimmy talk about it – he`s obviously upset and stressed. It seems a bit unnecessary. And it reminds me that there`s a downside to being popular. Given the aggressiveness with which Tommy McMurtry M. Atheist called a pumpkin and how upset the father seemed, this led Jimmy to speculate whether or not the father was sexually attracted to pumpkins, although he did let his viewers know that while he wasn`t making the positive statement, he didn`t really know. Jimmy also tommymcmurtry.com a website featuring sexualized anthropomorphic pumpkin heads on bodies, though the site is in no way related to the New Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, Liberty Baptist Church, or Pastor Tommy McMurtry. It is its own legal, independent identity. There was a time, a few years ago, when I thought I wanted to expand my « audience. » I got a taste of what it can be. I realized that if you stand out there, you can meet real snakes. An encounter with a « real snake » is one of the reasons I moved my blog to WordPress.

I don`t like drama. I just like to articulate my thoughts, and I tend to be very honest about how I feel. Some people like it. Others do not. I have no idea that Jimmy wasn`t his real name for a long time😶, personally, I don`t care about anyone`s religious beliefs. And in recent years, I`ve been much less interested in Mormonism. I don`t write about it as much as I used to, especially because Bill`s youngest daughter, a devout Mormon, is finally talking to him again. I don`t feel as much anger against the Church as I used to. Even though I still think the church is pretty iconic.

As Jimmy Snow points out in the video above, the Church takes a lot of time. Members are employed and invested – financially, emotionally and literally, as young men are expected to serve a two-year mission, often in other countries. Young women can also serve missions, but they are not expected to serve as much as men. And although many people leave LDS Church after serving a mission, I suspect that the missionary experience probably links people to religion. Bill remained an active member for several years after he and his ex-wife converted. Part of the reason he stayed in the church was because it was used as a tool to keep him online. He feared that if he left the Church, he would lose contact with his children. This eventually happened, although it happened before he finally resigned. Many people told him that quitting would lead him to ruin, although, as you can see, his life only improved exponentially after his divorce and leaving the church. An added bonus was that he no longer had to wear the underwear with special symbols.

Unless it`s a cult sign to tell members what kind of underwear they`re wearing, I don`t know what is. And members will often « check the clothing » of other members and check for telltale signs that a person is wearing the right underwear and is dressed « modestly. » I`m confused, because did any of us call him by another name? From what I can see, most people commenting don`t even know what his real name is. But I agree that a dead name should be respected and left alone. It made me think of what I`d been hearing for years – that Elvis had played in Meridian. In response, Pastor Tommy McMurtry posted a video about someone trying to remove videos and channels for hate speech and violence, aggressively calling Mr. Atheist « Mr. Pumpkin » not to use his real name, giving him that name because pumpkins are « the greatest fruit. » Jimmy took it as a compliment, calling himself the « greatest fruit » and calling himself the pumpkin king. Soon after, several channels continued to publish videos of the MASA conference. When the conference took place, live chats were flooded with pumpkin emojis and people trolling these people for their homophobia. From what I hear, it`s not just any restaurant. This place is special and offers a rate you simply can`t find anywhere else. You do not need a reservation, but you must take two oral exams.

Once you have been recommended, you can go inside. After eating here several times, they will assign you a night and expect you to eat here every week that night. Someone will even call you to see if you`re gone. I have also noticed that many members do not know much about the history of their church. Or they only know the whitewashed version taught by Church leaders. For example, they do not dwell on the fact that Joseph Smith used to marry girls as young as fourteen or the wives of men who were expelled. Church members will explain that we are not to judge Joseph Smith according to today`s standards. But what about the wives of other men Smith married? Many modern Mormons are descended from polygamists, although traditional Mormons no longer practice polygamy. It is still practiced among the FLDS (fundamentalist) Mormons. Fundamentalist Mormons claim that their version of Mormonism is the « truest » because plural marriage is still practiced. I`ve seen him used on some YT channels that he almost certainly watches based on what he said in his I Messed Up video.

I`m not saying they did anything wrong, I think it was a mistake, but I suspect he`s referring to that. I knew his real name, but Jim Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt is a lot more fun anyway! The other main reason I don`t try to make a name for myself on YouTube is that I don`t like being in front of the camera. I don`t want to wear makeup, fix my hair or wear a bra. I have a decent voice, but I become very confident in front of the camera. The Zoom meeting I attended last week was exposed enough to video for me. I don`t even use the camera when making SingSnap videos. Right now. It`s all a bit artificial for my taste, but I have to admit it`s kind of an addictive point of view.

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