The third category of disclosure in Form ADV Part 2B is designed to detail disciplinary information about material events that occurred in the past 10 years, although the SEC states that even if more than 10 years have passed since the date of the event, you must disclose the event if it is so serious that it is currently significant to the customer`s or prospect`s assessment. Part 2 requires investment advisors to produce narrative brochures containing simple information in English about the advisor`s business practices, fees, conflicts of interest and disciplinary information. The brochure is the primary information document for investment advisors. Investment advisors are required to make their brochures available to advisory clients, which are made available to the public on the DPIA website. Performance-based fees and side-by-side management – An investment advisor who accepts or supervises a person who accepts performance-based fees must disclose this fact. If the Investment Advisor also manages accounts for which no performance-based fees are charged, the Investment Advisor should explain the conflicts of interest arising from the concurrent management of these accounts and describe how the Investment Advisor manages these conflicts. The cover page must also contain explanations containing the following language or other clear and concise language that conveys the same information and identifies the document as a « brochure supplement »: The fifth category of disclosure in Form ADV Part 2B is the list of additional remuneration earned by supervised persons covered by the supplement paid by someone, who is not a client for the provision of consulting services. This includes sales rewards and other prizes, as well as any bonuses based, at least in part, on the number or amount of sales, customer referrals or new accounts. Other regular bonuses and regular salaries do not count. Investment advisors offer a wide range of advisory services and play an important role in helping individuals and institutions make important financial decisions.

In order for clients and potential clients to assess the risks associated with a particular investment advisor, their business practices and investment strategies, it is essential that clients and potential clients have clear information that they are likely to read and understand. Part 2 of the ADV Form requires investment advisors to provide new and prospective clients with a brochure and brochure inserts in plain English. The requirements in Part 2 are intended to provide new, potential and existing clients with clearly written, meaningful and up-to-date disclosure of the business practices, conflicts of interest and background of the firm`s investment advisory firm and advisory staff. Form ADV is the uniform form used by investment advisors to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities regulators. The form consists of three parts. Parts 1 and 2 are used by the SEC and the states. Part 3 is used by the SEC and some states. Part 1 requires information about the company, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations and any disciplinary events of the consultant or his employees.

Part 1 is organized in a fill-in-the-void check-off format. The SEC reviews the information in this portion of the Form to administer its regulatory and audit programs. Although designed for regulatory purposes, documents filed by Part 1 investment advisers on the SEC`s Investment Advisor Disclosure (IAPD) website are publicly available. Advisory firm – An investment advisor should describe their advisory activities, including the types of advisory services offered, whether they specialize in a particular type of advisory service, and the amount of client assets they manage. Education and Business Experience – The insert in the brochure should describe the formal training of the person supervised after high school and their business experience in the past five years. Here are the 5 parts of the ADV form and what is included in each section: These forms describe the business practices of your new business and the background of the people associated with the business. These documents must comply with the specific regulatory standards of the respective state(s) or SEC. For more information about Form ADV, see the general guidance and glossary of the SEC Form ADV.

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