Even if you plan to meet outside, you should not meet nursing home residents if you have symptoms of coronavirus or symptoms of another illness. According to the latest guidelines, visits to nursing homes can take place with precautions such as large screens, visiting capsules or behind windows. However, indoors supported by testing and permitted at levels 1 to 3 are not permitted at level 4. « It will be a double whammy for some elderly people, I`m afraid: unexpectedly during the holidays and without all the care they need. It`s not just self-care that they may be missing; But the conversation that accompanies it. As short as it may be, this could often be your main opportunity to chat with someone most of the time. We hope that this situation will not happen to many seniors and that families will stay in touch with them frequently to maintain their mood and make sure they are well. Avoid travelling to third-tier areas unless necessary, for example for professional, medical, nursing or educational reasons. The NHS says it has « met the strict standards of safety, quality and efficacy of the independent regulator for medicines and health products » and « reports of serious side effects such as allergic reactions have been very rare ». Any caregivers or visitors who help you with daily needs should keep coming. The guidelines have been updated to reflect visiting arrangements in nursing homes, while national restrictions apply. It is not recommended to travel to an area where the alert level is very high (level 3).

Persons in Level 4 zones are not permitted to travel outside their territory or to travel abroad. However, there are some exceptions, for example with regard to work, education or family responsibilities. The team will also work with nursing homes to facilitate visits, if necessary. For example, in situations where family and friends consider contact with their loved one to be too restrictive. Updated the guidelines on the visit compared to level 4 in the section « Overview of the practice of visits supported by this guide ». « Visits to nursing homes can take place with precautions such as large screens, visiting capsules or behind windows. Indoor visits with close contact are not allowed. You should read the guide to nursing home visits during COVID-19 to find out how visits should be done. Updated to reflect residents` LFD testing after visits outside the nursing home, every other day is required for 10 days, and he adds that designated visitors should stay the same whenever possible. Nursing homes are regularly tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) cases as quickly as possible.

On December 25, each household can form a « Christmas bubble » with up to two other households. The rules have been updated so that households are only allowed to socialize on Christmas Day. According to NCF, caregivers have always been the profession with the largest number of people working on Christmas Day, and say so that group of lowest-paid employees who are called upon to make some of the greatest sacrifices. When a visit takes place, it is essential that the latest government guidelines regarding testing, cleanliness and social distancing are followed. This means that all household members arranging the visit should have received a negative COVID-19 test result taken immediately prior to the visit. For example, the test could be done when the family goes to the nursing home to pick up the resident for the visit. Nursing homes should use the lateral flow devices provided to them for this purpose. Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Forum on Care, said: « Visits can and should continue into Stage 4. However, the change in government policy to reject the use of on-site testing at Level 4 will cause enormous distress to residents and loved ones. It will also be a blow to suppliers who spent the past week preparing and training employees in the use of lateral flow devices (LFDs) and communicating and planning with loved ones to facilitate meaningful visits through Christmas.

Nursing homes outside Level 4 zones are still advised to allow physical contact with lateral flow tests and VHPs to prevent the spread of infection. The government`s directive remains that two visitors should be allowed twice a week for residents with tests, but the new variant of Covid raises concerns that this may not be enough to keep the virus out. Before the new lockdown, some local authorities asked care homes not to rely on testing, including in Greater Manchester and Sheffield. Update to reflect the following: 1. Nursing home residents should only self-isolate after a visit if the visit involves an overnight hospital stay or is deemed high risk following an individual risk assessment.

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