Your admission to a Higher Degree Research (HDR) programme at Western Sydney University is subject to the satisfaction of the minimum requirements in English. The temporary regime will apply to all admission levels in 2022. If you postpone your offer to an admission other than the one indicated above, you will need to submit another English test from the list of permitted entry requirements in English. Temporary regulations do not apply to programmes requiring an overall IELTS score of 7.0 or equivalent. This regulation will be reviewed as soon as the approved testing centres reopen. Please note that the above temporary English documentation regulations may not meet the English language requirements for your student visa application with the Ministry of Interior (DHA). It is your responsibility to comply with these requirements. Please visit the DHA website for more information. For a complete list of English equivalents, see the approved entry requirements for the English language. Your English test must not be more than two years old at the time of your studies at Western Sydney University. These take place every Wednesday at 9 am. To register for one of these tests, please send an email one week before the date you wish to take the test. We will then contact you to provide you with all relevant information.

Other English tests may also be considered. For a complete list of equivalencies for English language tests, see the approved terms and conditions in English. While each course has its own specific entry requirements, which are listed on all course pages, there may also be additional academic requirements for admission to certain graduate programs. Admission to Western Sydney University is highly competitive and based on academic merit. International students must meet the same standards as Australian residents. The following qualifications are the minimum acceptable levels of proficiency and you should not assume that you will be offered a place at university because you have reached the minimum level. It should be noted that some programs may have special or higher admission requirements. These are only general guides. The specific requirements of the respective curriculum can be found in the online textbook. Some programs may also require proof of relevant work experience. Non-graduate courses require the applicant to meet the general academic admission requirements for the College of Graduate Studies: these are minimum requirements and some courses may require a higher admission standard.

Admission requirements for individual courses are listed on each course page. If English is not your first language, it can always be assumed that you meet the language requirements if you studied in English. Academic requirements for individual courses that accept advanced access are listed on the course page. You will need to take an English test if your proof of English proficiency does not meet our requirements. Western Sydney University cannot provide exceptions for English proficiency and you must meet the requirements outlined for admission to our HDR programmes. We understand that you may need to improve your English language skills to meet visa or application requirements. Our pre-session English courses will help you meet the IELTS standard for studying at UWS. Detailed information on the English test requirements set by UKVI can be found on the UK government website.

Yes. If you do not meet the English language requirements, you can submit an application and attach a statement indicating that you wish to apply for a package that includes an English language program with the College. Requests for bundles will be considered on a case-by-case basis and inclusion in a bundle is not guaranteed. If you do not meet the admission requirements at Western University Sydney, you can prepare for university entry through other means. Paisley is a vibrant city with a diverse music and entertainment scene, as well as a wide range of shops, museums and attractions, combined with excellent transport links throughout Scotland and its own international airport. You must prove that the language in which you studied the degree was English. This must be indicated on the financial statement or you must submit a letter from an administrative department of the issuing institution. A letter from a teacher or research assistant will not be accepted. There is no expiry date for the eligibility of degrees that meet the above criteria. Located seven miles west of Glasgow, Paisley itself is ideally located for access to some of the most beautiful and historic places in Scotland and the world such as Edinburgh and Stirling.

Yes, with your application, you must submit transcripts for all college-level courses completed by the home institution where the courses were completed. Applicants with a combination of Highers and Advanced Highers/AS and A-levels (or equivalent qualifications) are encouraged to consider early entry in Year 2. Total score 105Letter 24; speak 26; Listening 28 and Reading 24 International students wishing to study at the University of the West of Scotland for more than six months must apply for a student (general) visa. The university must be confident that you have the skills and experience to begin independent study at a level appropriate for entry into your programme, including a good command of spoken and written English. The University of the West of Scotland has almost 1,000 accommodation facilities on the Paisley, Ayr and Hamilton campuses, with accommodation on the Dumfries campus, which is run by the University of Glasgow. The UWS has also reviewed secondary school diplomas studied by non-EU applicants and the admissions team will therefore consider qualified applications from the following list: We are pleased to consider other alternative combinations of qualifications and experience, including: Students without a degree may enroll in certain courses offered by the College of Graduate Studies. Enrollment as a non-graduate student does not imply any obligation on the part of Western States University to grant admission to the program at a later date. Upon subsequent admission to the degree program, up to 18 non-degree credits earned at UWS with a grade of B or higher may be credited towards the degree at the discretion of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. For more information, see Guideline 1214 Graduate Studies for Non-Graduate Students. Ayr Campus is located on the west coast of Scotland and Ayr is a well-known seaside resort 37 miles southwest of Glasgow. The city is located amidst one of Scotland`s most spectacular landscapes and looks.

In the 2020 Comprehensive University Guide, the university has the 4th highest level of student satisfaction in Scotland. Courses are developed with industrial, industrial and technical partners to ensure that learning meets the demands of the world of work. Many programs receive certification or accreditation. As many English testing centres are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Sydney University will temporarily extend the validity period of official IELTS or TOEFL IBT English test results to 3 years instead of 2 years prior to the start of scheduled admission for programmes requiring IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Changes have also been made to our list of approved English tests. Western temporarily accepts the following alternative English tests for programs that require IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Well-equipped library facilities at all four locations; Wi-Fi hotspots in dormitories and campuses; The Microsoft Campus Agreement gives students access to the latest Microsoft applications for use on on- and off-campus PCs. Projection room, auditorium, television studios, radio studios, rehearsal rooms, radio stations; Career Services; Student Sports Centre; Student associations.

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