If you have any questions about standard adjudication forms, email l`OCA-legal@txcourts.gov of the ACCA. In accordance with this policy, IBC has prepared the following criminal judgment forms and instructions for the forms: TexasLawHelp.org – Free custody or visitation forms CAUTION: Consult a lawyer before using any of these forms. No express or implied warranty or representation is given that any of these forms will satisfy your legal requirements. These forms were originally published in Mr. Stevenson`s Texas legal form books for lawyers. These forms have been used and approved by Texas attorneys since 1982 and are used in Texas County Law Libraries and Texas Law Schools. Our forms are used in practice by many Texas attorneys and are not just store-bought forms. Documents purchased on this website are delivered by immediate electronic download in Microsoft Word format. These forms are intended for use by the District Court. Some Texas counties conduct family cases in district courts. Some courts have local regulations that could affect the use of these forms. A lawyer can tell you if any of these forms work for you.

You can speak to a parental leave specialist via the access line and visit the helpline Monday to Friday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at 1 (866) 292-4636. Spanish-speaking specialists in parental leave are also available. The OCA has also developed a list of positive findings and special orders that can be included in judgment forms if necessary. The court system often requires multiple forms to be submitted for a particular situation. Legal Forms for Texas not only offers individual documents, but we also have forms packages from start to finish for a complete solution to your legal needs. The declaration can be used to file documents with the clerk of the court without paying a filing fee. Use this form if you can`t afford to pay court fees because you have a very low income. Fees may or may not be waived. It is up to the judge to decide whether to waive the court fees. The judge may ask for a hearing to decide if you are unable to pay court costs. Since not all forms charge a fee, ask the clerk if the document you want to submit requires a fee.

Click on this link Declaration of inability to pay court fees or appeal guarantee. Court documents must be served on the accused person, unless that person waives his or her right to service of documents by signing the « waiver of service » form before a notary. This form indicates that you are waiving your right to receive court documents. Read the waiver carefully to make sure you understand the rights you are waiving. Click on the link below to chat with someone Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except outside business hours or most holidays. Social study is a court-ordered inquiry into the living conditions and family life of the parents and the child. It is usually done by a social worker who visits each parent`s home and interviews the child, parents and others involved in the child`s life. When the investigation is complete, the social worker will write a recommendation to the court on the best interests of the child, including where the child should primarily live and the best parenting schedule. As a general rule, the parties are ordered to pay half of the costs of the social study. {{Name}} {{#if variant}} {{variation}} {{/if}} {{#properties}} {{#each this}} {{#if this}} {{@key}}: {{this}} {{/if}} {{/each}} {{/properties}} English: Texas Judicial Branch – Protective Order Kit Submit this form if you and the other party cannot agree on a temporary agreement for parenting, child support or other matters before the final hearing date.

The Office of Court Administration (OCA) is mandated by law to promulgate a standardized form for criminal convictions. See Texas Code Crim. Proc. 42.01, sect. 4. The Request for Mediation is a form that can be submitted to the case officer once a claim has been filed. The parties may agree to mediation, or either or both parties may ask the court to order it. Spanish: Poder Judicial Texas – Orden de Proteccion This website gives you information about your journey through the court system, but it is important to remember that the information provided is only basic general information and may not cover everything related to your case. The referral decision is an order signed by the judge after ordering the parties to mediate.

A request for mediation is usually required before a judge orders the parties to mediate. Submit the mediation request with the mediation decision (contact your local law library).

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