Checked baggage fees for passengers traveling with standard/cash fares are ~37/45/85 USD for first/second/third/fifth bags if paid online at the time of booking. If you pay before or during online check-in, the checked baggage fee is ~47/55/95 USD. If you pay at the airport counter or reservation center, the checked baggage fee is ~USD 50-55/60/100, and if you pay at the airport gate, the checked baggage fee is 65 USD for the first checked bag (extra baggage is not accepted at the boarding gate). Passengers traveling on Bundle It/Boost It fares are entitled to 1 free checked bag of 50 lbs/23 kg per passenger, and Free Spirit Gold members are also entitled to 1 free checked bag. Additional bags cost the same as above. Can I cancel a prepaid checked bag and get my money back? Spirit Airlines` baggage policy grants additional baggage privileges to Free Spirit Gold members. Gold members are entitled to a baggage allowance of 1 piece of hand baggage and 1 piece of checked baggage. This is in addition to the already free personal transport item 1 that all passengers can carry. It`s my first time flying – I`m taking Spirit.

When I put bags, I put 1 staff and 1 continuous and 1 staff and 1 staff and 1 continuous and 1 checked on the way back. Is that how I understood it? And what are the dimensions of 62 linear inches in inches and not in cms? This airline allows you to add your luggage in advance through their online website. Adding bags online will help you save money. Spirit Airlines` baggage allowance allows you to purchase checked and carry-on baggage in advance. Spirit Airlines checked baggage for standard/naked fares is void – it must be purchased. For Bundle It and Boost It fares, the free baggage allowance is 1 free checked bag up to 23 kg / 50 lbs per passenger. Free Spirit Gold members are also entitled to 1 free piece of checked baggage, and active duty military personnel can travel with 2 free checked bags. Larger musical instruments that do not fit in the baggage basket may be taken as checked baggage. However, the combined dimensions (L + W + H) and weight should not exceed 381 cm / 150 inches and 165 lbs / 74.8 kg, respectively.

Anything heavier or larger will not be accepted, and you should properly pack your musical instrument in a hard shell case with sufficient cushioning to prevent damage. Yes, Spirit Airlines allows free carriage of wheelchairs and other mobility and assistive devices (if applicable). Larger devices such as a wheelchair can be checked in at the boarding gate or ticket office, smaller aids such as a cane, etc. can be taken on board. Disabled passengers are allowed to bring their aids and medical assistance as hand luggage. These devices can be brought free of charge at no extra cost. Spirit Airlines` baggage size limit for these aircraft is 39 inches * 29 inches * 11 inches. However, devices exceeding this limit will not be charged an additional fee, but must be carried as checked baggage.

Sports equipment such as surfboards or bicycles can be checked into the hold. The registration fee for a bike is $75 one way and $100 for surfboards (max 2 in a bag). Golf bags and skis/snowboards are considered standard checked baggage. Spirit Airlines has taken measures and restrictions on baggage size and weight. On this basis, baggage may be allowed or prohibited on flights. Speaking of dimensions, they refer to the length, height, width and weight of luggage. In addition, you should know that the dimensions of Spirit baggage on carried baggage may vary as checked baggage / carry-on baggage. Everything is à la carte with Spirit Airlines. I just had my first experience with them and it will probably be my last. Too much stress around luggage and fees. As long as your Spirit Airlines checked baggage meets the size and weight restrictions (more on that soon), checked baggage fees on Spirit are pretty straightforward.

The more bags you need to register, the more expensive each bag is. The checked baggage allowance is 5 pieces of baggage on most flights. However, on some international routes such as South America (Peru and Colombia) and other international destinations, different restrictions may apply. *Some itineraries may limit the number of checked bags allowed (see Online Baggage Calculator) As with many airlines, some popular sporting goods may be checked as normal baggage on Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines` sports equipment policy includes sports equipment such as golf bags, skis, lacrosse/hockey equipment, fishing equipment, etc. within standard weight and size limits, such as a single checked bag. Paying for your checked baggage when booking your flight will cost you around $37. But the longer you wait as you approach your flight, the more you can expect to pay.

For example, prices increase on a typical Spirit flight for your first checked bag. All checked baggage must have a name tag on the outside (and preferably also on the inside). The cheapest piece of baggage you can have with Spirit Airlines (in addition to your personal item) is checked baggage that you pay for when you book your flight. Spirit Airlines checked baggage fees can be paid online (cheaper), at the airport counter (more expensive) or at the airport gate (most expensive). Spirit recommends using the airline`s online baggage calculator to calculate the exact baggage charges for your specific itinerary. However, Spirit Airlines checked baggage prices (indicative) for checked baggage on domestic and international flights are as follows: How much does checked baggage cost on Spirit? Believe it or not, in many cases, it`s even cheaper to check your bags with Spirit Airlines than to carry them. Spirit Airlines baggage allowance must be purchased by passengers at a bare rate. In other words, Spirit Airlines does not offer free baggage allowance to passengers traveling on basic fares, called naked fares.

However, passengers travelling with a Bundle It or Boost It combination or with Free Spirit Gold status are entitled to 1 free piece of checked baggage. If you are carrying overweight baggage, the maximum weight allowed per checked bag is 100 lbs/45 kg (but 50 lbs/23 kg for Peru). Spirit Airlines` compensation for lost baggage for domestic flights in the U.S. is capped at $3,800 per confirmed passenger. Compensation for loss of baggage for international flights covered by the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions is subject to a maximum amount of USD 400 per passenger for unchecked baggage and USD 362.80 per passenger for checked baggage. For domestic flights that include domestic travel to which the Montreal Convention applies, compensation for lost baggage is limited to 1,288 SDRs per passenger. Spirit Airlines provides active military personnel with 2 pieces of checked baggage and one carry-on bag free of charge, in addition to free personal belongings. For your other carry-on baggage, you almost always have to pay for each piece of carry-on baggage, as long as it meets Spirit Airlines` carry-on size requirements.

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