The incredible Baja 1000, which recently featured Ford`s Bronco R racing prototype and other rally events, offers some of the craziest, most dangerous and impressive races in the world. Vehicles of all sizes and performance classes participate in this unique event. But what about being able to drive your own Baja car on the road? Well, a father-son duo, Dean Graen and Dykan Graen, did just that. In a video courtesy of the YouTube channel Terrar Crew, they show off their own Baja VW Bug from the 1970s, which they built themselves. Source: 1970 VW Baja Bug, road homologation with AC license plate / current AC registration. This car is no joke, aka ODB – Old Dirty Bastard. Heavily built and very reliable. Offer at a reasonable price and possibly ready to trade in for another toy of equal value $$ or `64 Cadillac, etc. Show me what you have. Since childhood, Jason Stilgebouer has been passionate about the outdoors and off-road. Growing up in Southern California, he worked with his family on 4x4s and went on many camping trips. It wasn`t until he moved to New Mexico that his passion for adventure blossomed.

He was already working in marketing and was surrounded by the off-road industry and decided that March 2020 would be a good time to work professionally as a creative in this field. It turned out that this was not the case. But despite everything, Jason turned his passion into his craft and has been telling stories through words and images ever since. Follow Jason @dustysummit on Instagram. Baja Bug, VW, be bug, long trip, pre racer, long pre racer trip, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, ecotec, buggy, sand rail, race car, off-road, built, off-road car, land, Baja, coilovers, sxs, razor, utv, can am, maverick But in California, UTVs are not legal for road traffic, including fire lanes and many jeep tracks. So one day, he concocted a plan to put an insect body on an RZR and register it for the road. The result is nothing less than an incredible blend of classic look with modern all-wheel drive and reliability. The benefits of four-wheel drive will be a boon on local off-road jeep trails. His goal is not to drive him on the highway or to work, but to appreciate him for who he is. While other similar constructions exist around the world, they don`t quite have the attention to detail like this one. We`re thrilled to see Jeff enjoying his Baja Bug, and who knows; You might also see it on a Southern California jeep track.

And best of all: it`s also legal on the street! It`s up there with some of the coolest custom Baja builds. The car was bought a few years ago by a man who had done much of the manufacturing work. So you already had a good starting point. However, the engine and gearbox required significant work, as the previous owner lost interest in them. So they bought it, took it home to their garage, and did a complete dismantling, removing each panel to build it essentially from scratch. Try searching Craigslist with just the words race car, and you`ll end up finding some pretty cool stuff, at least here at SoCal anyway. And when I did this research yesterday, I found this legal Class 5 Baja Bug. If you`re not familiar with Class 5, it`s basically the unlimited Baja Bug class in SCORE and you`ll find that they tear it up at races like the Baja 500 and Baja 1000. While Class 11 is bugs, which have very strictly limited rules that allow virtually no modification, Class 5 allows almost anything, as long as it still has a VW engine and VW-style suspension. They`re incredibly cool machines with a real bike lane and real performance and they look like a complete race riot. We would like to own one, but they can be very expensive.

Remember, we saw them for over $100,000, about $50,000 and this one for $16,500 for sale. We`re sure there are things that aren`t quite high-end, most of the new stuff, but we`re pretty sure this one is still going to drag around and be a riot. Jeff is not a processor or a professional builder; He is passionate about everything off-road and ready to get his hands dirty. This construction of Baja Bug RZR was his solution to limited access to PHEV trails, giving him more opportunities to get and explore more trails in California. The engine is quite simple, but quite impactful for this little insect. This is a simple 5.0-liter Volkswagen engine with a standard crank with bores of 94 millimeters. There are new GSX heads on the engine, and it has been tuned to some extent, but it is pretty standard, and more than enough power comes from it to get this car on desert tracks or even on the road! The power is about 100 hp for this error. All-tube chassis. Skid plates from front to back. Grip handles for passengers. Cammed 2276 with Dual 44 Webbers.

Chromolyic push rods. Aluminum valve cover. Compufire electronic ignition. Customer escape. Electric oil cooler fan. Bus box 091 bulletproof with narrow aisles of 2nd-3rd weddle. EMPI Race Shifter. CNC hydraulic clutch.

Jaz Fuel Safe 16 gallon fuel cell. Quick filling. Emergency fuel pump. Windscreen. Properly wired. Optima red top battery. HD alternator. The Terrar Crew YouTube channel met with the owners to talk about the extensive work on the building. What are the functions of the error? To name a few, it has two-piston disc brakes, electric power steering, and fully tuned shock absorbers that can withstand many penalties.

The car has LED lights that actually come from eBay. These are pieces on a budget, but they work, so what`s wrong with that? Nothing at all! In fact, they got the 31-inch tires from a draw, which gives the car a very aggressive attitude. Jeff`s solution is a creative way to pay tribute and be functional at the same time. Two aluminum air filters are later installed on the original RZR air filter system. From a distance, it acts as an air-cooled engine. Motor cages are also much more than aesthetics in Baja insects and provide additional structural support for the body. Aug 23, 2017Chad ReynoldsApex Spotlight, XL Online Find, XL SpotlightComments Off on Because who doesn`t want a legal Class 5 Baja Bug race on the street AND drives! You may be wondering, how much does it weigh? A 1971 VW Beetle weighs only 1760 pounds, and Jeff`s build weighs 1539 pounds, 160 pounds more than a standard RZR. Weighing less than the original Volkswagen is not too shabby. Pink in hand, and no smog needed as it was recorded as a 1970 bug.

I never thought I`d sell it, but here we are… It will blow up the tires of your friend`s SXS, then you can drive it around town………. I don`t need help selling. The car is super reliable and fun to drive. not your father`s Baja virus. Text/call for more photos/videos. Will not be shipped. Another challenge on the way was the warm air entering the cabin through the front radiator. It was a bit too unbearable to drive, so Jeff U 2 Motorsports had an aluminum dashboard cover designed to maintain heat. The Donor RZR started as a Fox Performance Edition, equipped with internal bypass shock absorbers, but it still needed to be fine-tuned to adjust the correct ride height and compensate for the extra weight. To support this, Shock Therapy took care of the tuning and configuration of the suspension.

Sometimes we think Polaris had this kind of exchange in mind when developing the RZR, because some parts blend perfectly into each other. For example, the steering column fits perfectly under the original VW dashboard. Jeff took the initiative to integrate all factory displays and original switches for a beautiful OEM finish. But visual idiosyncrasy is always inevitable; Without a 4-cylinder 1600cc air-cooled engine suspended from the rear, it may seem a bit unfinished. We were ready to appreciate the classic aesthetic of a motor cage and engine behind Baja Bugs. All internal Weddles, less than 300 miles since construction. (2) 5K 40″ radius LED bar above. (1) 5K 20″ LED strip on the bumper. (2) 7″ Red Ring HID.

LED taillights/stop. Dust/safety yellow rear light. New fiberglass rear window side scoops. Additional new steering gears and quick release. New additional coil. One obstacle was the adaptation of the standard 90″ RZR wheelbase to the original 94.5 VW. Jeff replaced all lower suspension and tie rods with Super ATV parts with high clearance to move the wheels 2″ forward and the rear arms 2″ rear. Usually, these parts are for those who want to ride with bigger tires in the mud, but in this case, Jeff allows you to get as close as possible to the original VW wheelbase.

Often, RZR-based Baja bug builds may seem strange and disproportionate due to a shortened wheelbase, but it looks perfect and allows for consistent construction. Jeff and a friend started with a complete 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle with a clean title and a lightly rolled 2016 Polaris RZR Turbo XP from a demolition yard. Then they began to understand how to mount the body on the RZR chassis. First, they dismantled the RZR and cut the damaged roll bar to make way for a new look. From races in Baja to cruises on the beaches of Pismo, they have become a fascination for many people from an early age.

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