Vehicle owners who wish to modify their vehicle must comply with vehicle standards guidelines and approved codes of conduct applicable to vehicle modification. Other combined modifications to the elevator, such as changes to steering, suspension or wheels, must comply with the National Code of Practice for the Construction and Modifications of Light-Duty Vehicles. These changes are due to a number of vehicles that have been seized and notices of defects issued as part of a campaign by Queensland authorities to enforce laws different from those of other states. The recent outcry over vehicles defecting in Queensland because that state`s vehicle modification laws are different from those in other states appears to have changed. An important point of discussion was the differences in legality between interstate laws on vehicle modification. The committee heard examples of interstate vehicles that are legally considered safe to travel on Queensland roads. The transfer of the same vehicle to QLD approval was deemed legally inappropriate. Vehicle owners may need to review and certify modifications to their vehicle to ensure they have been made in accordance with the Queensland Road Vehicle Modification Handbook. « I urge the Minister to meet with the suspension industry and representatives of the Queensland 4×4 community. We understand that from time to time the government will try to take extreme modifications of 4x4s off the road and we support that, but this is greatly exaggerated, » he added. The Vehicle Standards Instructions (VSI) page contains publications with additional guidance, including an ISBC on minor changes to the most common changes. The impact of this campaign was linked to the Queensland Government`s announcement of changes to vehicle lift laws. It has been announced that they will amend the sections of the Queensland Code of Practice relating to lift laws, which will come into force in October 2018.

Dubbed « Operation Lift, » Queensland Police has been ordered to impose fines, issue notices of defects and seize modified 4×4 vehicles based on Queensland`s recently amended laws, which are now more restrictive than any other Australian state. For more information on minor modifications that do not require certification or approval, refer to Instruction G19.10 on Standards for Vehicles Making Minor Modifications. So friends, you can feel safe to upgrade your suspension, and if you have any questions about a suspension kit for your vehicle, contact the team at (07) 4632 9782. Other topics discussed included discrepancies in acceptable changes between pre- and post-registration upgrades, testing methods, and transparency between boards. While we do not expect sweeping legislative changes to be based on a half-hour hearing, it is great to see the government actively listening to Industry 4×4 lobby parties. Whatever the outcome, it can hopefully lead to clearer guidelines and acceptable practices with less bureaucracy. Click below to see the full hearing. With the approval of non-certified lifts up to 75mm for ESC vehicles, Queensland laws are now in line with those of Victoria and NSW. Charity adds: « The 75mm conservative lift is now placed in the same basket as the radically modified vehicles we see from time to time on the road. As a responsible industry, we have often encouraged governments to take action to take extreme lifts off the road because extreme modifications are not made by the responsible industry we represent. But somehow, 4×4 owners who have opted for the legal 50mm+25mm race to make their cars safer in rural areas are involved in this TMR crusade. « The chassis industry is completely confused because we were negotiating with Queensland Government Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to provide computer simulation evidence to verify the continued compliance and safety of the 75mm lifts when Operation Lift was launched.

In fact, Queensland Police is now enforcing the legislation that TMR was always negotiating with our industry. Queensland`s 4×4 laws have been changed without notice and appear retroactive: motorists had no idea that legally changing vehicle lifts last year to increase the safety of their vehicles could be illegal today. Many of these motorists who had made responsible changes to their 4×4 vehicles were ambushed during this flash. The rules are changing following a high-profile operation on the Gold Coast last month in which dozens of 4x4s were reported for illegal suspension changes. The committee, which focused mainly on immobilizers for the police, also paved the way for other relevant issues.

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