When preparing for the NPTE, there are many online courses that will help you learn independently or as part of an online classroom. I am so glad I decided to take an online course and be guided through my time as a student. It`s not a complete list, just the few I thought I offered the most for my learning style, based on their description and grades. The books I prepared for NPTE were rented to Amazon ($250 in total). This is based on a 2010 FBSPT survey of the most commonly used texts in physiotherapy courses. Having these books was amazing, because any questions about NPTE have to come straight from the manual. So if there`s a topic in the exam that you don`t fully understand, you can go back to the original source and find out what the exam question is trying to ask you. The often overlooked jurisprudence review is another hurdle we all need to overcome before practicing as licensed physiotherapists. I have seen many therapists pass the NPTE only to fail the law exam. We want to help you avoid this fate.

I used the links on this page to prepare for the exam and I also used the points summarized on these quiz pages. Nebraska does not approve continuing education programs, but may accept completion of the legal examination as continuing education to renew a license or certificate or to restore a license or certificate. Five (5) hours of continuing education will be granted for successful completion of the law exam with a mark of at least 600 hours. You intend to take a practical exam every week 8 weeks before the exam, complete and submit your assignments. In fact, I couldn`t keep up with this course because I felt like I was starting from scratch, with no notes or lectures to read everything from the beginning. I felt like I was relearning PT for 3-4 years in 12 weeks. It was difficult, but also very useful to be pushed and led in the best direction. Formal lectures end 4 weeks and at this point you should have developed many study notes and can spend the last few weeks focusing your study on your weakest areas.

The last 4 weeks are bonus lectures on content tailored to the needs of the study group. Honestly, those conferences saved me. As an expat physiotherapist, I highly recommend taking a course like this just to understand where your knowledge is solid or lacking, where countries have different approaches to examination and treatment, or even just different medical terminology and standards. The guidelines and procedures for legal review are the same as for the NPT. It is useful to know that, for example, you must do 30 hours of continuing education every 2 years, 4 of these hours are basic resuscitation training, 2 of these hours are ethics, and you can get hours of teaching, study, and writing research papers. This is a one-hour multiple-choice exam that covers the laws and regulations of the Physiotherapy Practice Act. I found it a bit difficult to prepare, but I`m so glad I had to take such an exam and learn more about local laws, responsibilities and expectations of physiotherapists. Disclaimer: The study guide and practical exam are intended as study aids. It does not guarantee the successful completion of the legal review.

As long as you have the right information to learn, this test is very easy. Below you will find this correct information, I hope it will help you as it helped me! Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida and Nebraska. If your jurisdiction requires you to take the FSBPT legal review, the legal review policies and procedures are the same as for the NPTE. All case law reviews are conducted continuously, with exam dates available most days of the year. Another example is that you need to be aware of the signs of child/elder abuse and neglect. That it is our professional responsibility to immediately report concerns to the police and report them within 2 days. Failure to do so will be punishable by $5,000 and up to six months in jail. Currently, legal review is required in twenty-nine states for PT approval and twenty-seven states for PTA licensing. For a list of these and other licensing requirements, see the Licensing Guide. However, you should contact your licensing authority to ensure that you have the most up-to-date and up-to-date information.

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