Only certain law firms are mandated by the Commission des services juridiques to provide legal aid. We had to meet a number of qualification criteria in order to be able to offer high-quality legal aid to the public. Legal aid is government assistance to pay your legal fees. If you are eligible for legal aid, the government will pay 100% of your legal fees. For more information on who is eligible, read the « Who is eligible for legal aid » section. For some examples of how we`ve helped clients get legal aid, see the Case Studies section. General frequently asked questions about legal aid can be found in the « Frequently Asked Questions » section. Or, if you want to talk to a legal aid lawyer, make a free first appointment today and we`ll check it out for you. Everyone gets a free first date with HRS.

If you`d like to check if you`re eligible for legal aid, book your first free appointment today. A legal aid lawyer will be waiting for you to speak. If you are not entitled to legal aid, we can still help. We offer competitive costs in all areas of law and can give you a cost estimate before working on your behalf. Please contact us for a consultation. Legal aid is available for divorce if there is evidence of domestic violence. We can perform a legal fee assessment for you on your first free application. At HRS, we believe that everyone should have access to the law. So, if you don`t meet legal aid requirements, we offer flexible payment methods to support you financially.

These include fixed fees, spread costs, and flexible loans. This will help you make payments much more convenient. Make a free first appointment today to learn more. HRS Family Law Solicitors is one of the few remaining legal aid lawyers. If you can`t afford traditional legal fees, we may be able to apply for legal aid on your behalf. Book your first free appointment today to see if you qualify for legal aid. Court proceedings are stressful, confusing, and can be overwhelming. To get the best possible result, it is extremely helpful to have a lawyer who can explain legal jargon, negotiate on your behalf, and make sure you are treated fairly.

Our lawyers have at least 6 years of training and often the same or more of legal experience. They are truly experts in family law. Successive governments have systematically reduced the supply of legal aid for many years, but there is still help. HRS Family Law Solicitors is one of the largest lawyers in legal aid. If you are entitled to legal aid, you can be sure that we will cover it for you. In April 2013, the government cut off access to legal aid. This means that most parents can no longer get legal help for cases like this. At HRS, we have tried to fill this gap by limiting our rates to legal aid and offering monthly payment plans. We will do everything we can to help people see their children on any budget.

Book your first free appointment and a lawyer will conduct a legal aid test with you and guide you through all your options. It`s not easy, but basically, you can get legal help if social services are involved or if there is domestic violence, often with a resource test. We can make an opinion on the first free interview, so book a free first appointment today. In some areas of law, the legal aid system pays for you to receive legal advice and representation from a lawyer. The advice and representation you will receive from J R Jones Solicitors will be of the same high standard as if you were paying privately. It`s complicated. For cases involving social services, legal aid is almost always granted. For other cases, the test is threefold.

Has there been domestic violence against you? Do you have enough merit to have access to public funds? Are you eligible for your income? There may also be legal aid if you can prove the risk of harm to a child. All of our lawyers are experts in assessing legal aid, so please make a free first appointment and we will check if you pass all three tests. At J R Jones Solicitors, we can provide legal assistance in certain areas of law. At HRS, we would like to contact our customers the same day. While this can be difficult during peak hours, we maintain weekly contact with our clients to keep them informed of the progress of their case and to support them in their case. If you are the defendant mother or father in care proceedings, emergency protection applications or safe housing orders, please make a free first appointment and we can help you immediately. If children are in the care of a local authority, ask us if it is contact with a child in care, fill out a custody order or refuse adoption. If the case is valid, legal aid is available. Although legal aid is increasingly difficult to find, we can still provide legal aid in a limited number of cases.

If you want to be checked to see if you qualify, book your first free appointment today. Yes. A fixed fee is available for all our areas of work, provided that an agreement can be reached between the parties without the case having to be heard by the court. If we have to initiate proceedings, the fee will void an hourly rate or a fixed so-called staggered amount, i.e. £500 per hearing or other marker. A qualified lawyer can explain to you at the first free appointment what the fees are for your case. « Immediate response and reasonable costs to represent us » Certainly. By arranging a child to spend time with a child for direct contact, it can help secure your immigration case and stay in the UK. « Very professional and able to do the job » Yes, it is possible. 25% to all NHS staff.

Up to 25% for people who agree on a fixed rate for all their cases and pay in advance. We can also adjust the level of lawyer and service to your income. We can offer you a so-called « unbundled service ». Here you choose the help we offer so that you strictly manage the costs and only get the support you need. Make a free first appointment today and we can discuss things. In some cases, the High Court will make a child a ward of the court under its inherent jurisdiction. Legal aid is still available in this area of child labour under private law. We always try to achieve this result for our customers, but it is not always possible.

By definition, litigation involves two parties. If the other party is reasonable, things can often be concluded through negotiations. When people are unreasonable, it can be more difficult. « Thank you for the good service of Shelley and the team. » Experts in their field – Because we are specialists in family law and we do nothing else, you can rest assured that in cases like yours, we have often acted and advised, with all the advantages that this entails. « Nicholls Brimble Bhol Solicitors – House Purchase » JM Wilson Solicitors 299-301, Birchfield Road Perry Barr Birmingham B20 3BX Tel: 0121 356 4556 Legal aid is a system set up by the government that allows people without financial resources to have equal access to the law. We have lawyers who can speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Meerpuri, among others, and if we cannot help directly, we have staff and interpreters available. Whatever language you speak, we can help. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can not only get help with an injunction, but also legal assistance, depending on your means, be available for the procedure of the Children`s Act to ensure the custody of the children, obtain financial orders to maintain the matrimonial home for the children, and even pay for the divorce itself. When social services are linked to your family, our expert care team can help.

Legal aid is available to most people who face the prospect of a local authority taking care of their children. We provide legal assistance to people who attend child protection meetings and full representation to those who have received court documents. KJ Conroy Solicitors 38 George Street Birmingham West Midlands B3 1QA Tel: 0121 212 1575 Yes. We have a number of payment systems, including the monthly direct debit based on an agreed estimate.

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