Energy theft is a crime under article 155 of the Brazilian Penal Code (CPB), punishable by up to eight years in prison for illegal practices. Neoenergia emphasizes that community support is essential to detect deviations and trigger the dealer. Complaints are submitted anonymously in the service channels, via the 116 telephone or via the neoenergia Brasília website Instagram is @dfaguasclaras and you can participate in the « 1st Bolão of the Clear Water World Cup » for. The Barzinho also adopts Carioca themes and guarantees the good bohemian climate and also offers super helpful service and outdoor tables for those who want to feel more comfortable. A neighbour took pictures of a child hanging on the protective wall of a building in Block 201 in ÁguasClaras. The prize list of the DFÁguasClaras World Championship has just been released!!! This will happen exclusively on our Instagram! Follows. To accompany the delights of the house, guests can count on a list of well-selected beers with labels for all tastes. It`s definitely worth knowing the place! Villa Carioca specifies that at no time was it informed of the conclusion and the presence of irregularities in the watch that records the consumption of the restaurant, there was no performance in this sense, as confirmed in the publication period issued by Neoenergia itself, including the constant ANGENDAMENTO PARA O DIA 18.08 ao 08 o.e. The bar offers a varied musical selection. Sertanejo, rock, pop, funk, MPB and electronic music are on the program. Fruit drinks, chef`s dishes, cheese meat, cassava sun meat, potato picanha, salads and feijoada are on the menu. This Saturday (17.12.) the country duo Zé Henrique & Cristina dominates the hustle and bustle with live music.

FEDERAL DISTRICT GOVERNMENT STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH – ITS HEALTH SURVEILLANCE SECRETARIAT INFORMATION NOTE ON INFLUENZA Due to recent. The city, known for its tall buildings and young population, is also rich in nightlife. We chose five places to have fun: As we had already reported, health (or lack thereof) in Águas Claras is a waste. G1 made one. Brazilians are still facing queues this Sunday (27.5.) to supply. In the morning, at least 54 trucks were removed from the. On Tuesday (06), the Metro-DF announced that the inauguration of a new station in Águas will soon take place. The accident occurred around 11:30 a.m. when a truck overturned while driving the access curve at the entrance.

The Brazilian deaf handball team has two representatives from Águas Claras and you can help them go into the world. To identify units as potential irregular consumers, the distributor uses software connected to smart sensors that control the flow of electricity through the distribution grid and support on-site research. These systems allow greater assurance of operations to combat energy theft. Read more about the topicComerMadero promotes a charity dinner before the inauguration in Águas ClarasComerFeijoada: five places where you have to eat comfortably and pay a fixed priceSanta Fe With the impact, the driver got stuck in the equipment and died. According to the PRF, the driver`s license was obtained two months ago. According to military police, security cameras from a condominium caught the suspect hiding packages in the police garage. On Tuesday afternoon (26:11), prison authorities caught two visitors hiding drugs in a packet of smoke to free the inmate from Itumbiara prison. Governor Rodrigo Rollemberg will sign the decree tomorrow (30), at 11 a.m., in the administration of the park, which will cover part of the. Neoenergia caught four bars and restaurants in the Federal District that committed energy theft. According to the company, three stores are located in the south of Asa and another in Águas Claras. The second phase of Operation Happy Hour adds that the facilities caused losses of approximately 790,000 reais to the cash registers. The drugs were hidden in packets of smoke left in cobalt on the day family and friends left food and hygiene products for the detainees.

Due to the success and the vote in envy, the next bolão of the DF Águas Claras World Championship will be awarded. With the person, 1 kilo of crack and a revolver, caliber 32, were confiscated. The arrest took place at the Sector Center Ville in Goiânia. For those who do not spend this cold beer, it is possible to find the most popular labels, not to mention the drinks from home, which are also a delight! It`s worth enjoying! Environmental police have spread traps throughout the building and residents remain frightened. Animal can appear at any time The rainbow boa that.

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