These are legal services that only regulated lawyers are allowed to provide. That`s because they involve handling your money or representing you in court. The law firms we regulate can carry out these reserved legal activities: we regulate this law firm and it must follow our rules. It is permitted to provide all legal services. The Legal Ombudsman, a separate organisation from the Lawyers` Regulatory Authority, investigates complaints about the services consumers have received from their legal service provider and works to resolve the situation. Examples of poor service include slow action and costs that are unclear or changing. You can find out more about the reserved legal activities on the website of the Commission des services juridiques. Unfortunately, Avonhurst Legal Services LLP does not currently accept new clients through ReviewSolicitors. To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. Imagine a new law firm that offers the smartest advisors for sophisticated capital under one roof. a market that is fully dedicated to the rapidly changing needs of a market it understands better than anyone else.

A law firm that provides world-class lawyers in transactions and litigation, combined with a unique senior advisory capability and capital services capability designed to keep business flowing. This is Avonhurst. The areas of law show the type of work of this law firm. Reserved Activities lists the special legal tasks that this law firm can perform because we regulate them as a law firm. The best lawyers came together for one reason: to do business. That and nothing else. We are proud of our competence and experience. Our employees are smart, collaborative and easy to work with. Simply put, there is no better team on the market to help you achieve your goals.

Contact our teams of specialists in the heart of London. Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA) These are the areas of law that the law firm has communicated to us in an annual report. You may want to report abuse to a law firm with an established and proven reputation on ReviewSolicitors ⚠ To inform the Law Society of inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our contact page. Date of next declaration on 30 August 2023 due until 13 September 2023 The Ombudsman publishes his decisions on complaints relating to services. You can search for this law firm in the Legal Ombudsman`s data center. Next accounts due as of March 31, 2022 due on December 31, 2022 We have established the rules for this company. There are benefits and protections for customers of SRA-regulated businesses. At the heart of our business is a new law firm with a DEALS team representing sophisticated capital in all transactions, as well as a DISPUTES practice that brings together leaders focused on solving difficult problems. But it is in our neighbors that we are really different. When you combine the best strategic relationships in politics, intelligence, economics, law and capital, you bring a truly unique perspective.

Our ADVISORY business researches and evaluates the main issues that move the markets, analyzes risks and opportunities in transactions and provides background checks and investigations. It is backed by a capitalist team that provides access to a wide range of funds and alternative investors. The law is at the heart of our concerns, but our advice goes beyond the traditional framework of law firms. A deep understanding of the markets through decades of experience allows us to offer multidisciplinary thinking that you won`t find anywhere else. This goes beyond highlighting risks and also extends to discovering real potential and maximizing opportunities.

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