When it comes to bail, the stature of the lawyer is very important. Most of the time, the legal arguments are the same, but if you have a well-known lawyer for you, judges tend to give them more time to plead. That is not to say that it happened here because the case was already very public. Photos of senior lawyer Amit Desai, lawyer Satish Maneshinde and Aryan Khan`s legal team posed with Shah Rukh Khan. The images have now gone viral on social media. Take a look here: Former Attorney General of India (AGI) Mukul Rohatgi will appear in the Bombay High Court on Tuesday for the bail application of Shah Rukh Khan`s son, Aryan Khan. Rohatgi, who recently beat the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and compared the agency to « a bouquet with a head buried in the sand, » would join the 23-year-old`s existing legal team. In addition to Rohatgi, Aryan Khan`s legal counsel includes senior lawyers Amit Desai and Satish Maneshinde. Actor Shah Rukh Khan`s son, Aryan Khan, was released on bail by the Bombay High Court today. The star child has spent more than three weeks in care, and it will take another day or two before he can be back home. Aryan Khan`s legal team celebrated this victory in its own way. The legal team of actor Shah Rukh Khan`s son, Aryan Khan, has been put in touch with the superstar after the actor`s son was released on bail by the Mumbai High Court in the ongoing drug trafficking case. Shah Rukh Khan poses with lead lawyer Amit Desai, lawyer Satish Maneshinde and the legal team of his son #AryanKhan, who was released on bail by the Bombay High Court today.#AryanKhanBail #AryanKhanCase @iamsrk pic.twitter.com/t5C92JwpXQ 21.

October: The legal adviser to the son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan, said the Bombay High Court would hear Aryan Khan`s bail request during the drug action on a cruise. October 26. In his petition, Aryan Khan said the « interpretation and misinterpretation » by the Narcotics Control Bureau of WhatsApp chats collected on his mobile phone was « erroneous and unjustified. » October 20: An NDPS special court rejects Aryan Khan`s bail request and issues an 18-page order stating that there is evidence against actor Shah Rukh Khan`s son that « shows the plaintiff/defendant No. 1 `Aryan Khan`s) association with suppliers and peddlers.` October 7: The court rejects the agency`s requested continuation of detention, saying the reasons for further detention are vague. The mere fact of detaining them would be tantamount to violating their fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Takes her into custody. Aryan asks for a deposit. « The fear this caused to the accused and his parents. It was a trying experience for him and his family, » said Rohatgi. October 11: His lawyers request an urgent hearing of his bail application. The NCB requests more time to submit its response to the filing request.

The Court asked the NCB to reply on 13 October. 14 October: The Special Court reserves the right to rule on the application for bail until 20 October. Do NOT participate in political/religious contributions. They will even be banned from participating with non-political comments. REPORT the article Subscribe for full access to Outlook print and digital magazines, exclusive web stories, and archives. Attractive gifts with every subscription. People who build their own wealth never forget the value of money. I mean, he`s a man who, in his greatest fame, performed at weddings all over the world to make extra money. Earlier in the day, shortly after it was made clear that Aryan had not been charged in the case, which had remained in the national news for weeks since late last year, Rohatgi said the Bollywood star was very relieved. The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) said in an indictment that no drugs had been found in Aryan Khan`s home and that there was no « substantial evidence » to charge him and five others. Mukul Rohatgi, the former attorney general of India who represented Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan`s son Aryan Khan in the cruise drug case, said on Friday he was pleased that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) found no evidence of the star`s son in the incident. The NCB gave Aryan and five others a joke of their own, while earlier in the day, 14 others incriminated in the case.

Then, the head of the NCB, Sameer Wankhede, and his team interviewed several people in this case. Using WhatsApp chats, actress Ananya Pandey was also interviewed. All right! I think WhatsApp chats are allowed, but they weren`t relevant in this case. The Bombay High Court is hearing the bail application of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan`s son, Aryan Khan, in connection with his arrest by the Narcotics Control Bureau on 3 October. Satish Maneshinde said in a statement to the media after bail was granted on behalf of his team: « Aryan Shah Rukh Khan has finally been released on bail by HC. No possessions, no evidence, no consumption, no conspiracy, from the first moment he was arrested on October 2, 2021. So far, there is nothing. We are grateful to the Almighty that our prayers were accepted by Judge Nitin Sambre and that Aryan was released on bail. Satya Meva Jayate. Net worth is not the same disposable income at any given time. 8 October: The magistrate rejects the bail application of Aryan, Arbaaz and Munmun.

Said plead not to wait before. Today was the last day the NCB submitted its fee certificate. They had already received an extension from the court. Of course not. But most people here think srk is like jeff bezos ka baap because it has red peppers and other shops. All film contributions belong to r/Bollywood. Don`t post reviews, movie scenes, songs, etc. about this submarine. On the one hand, the High Court and the Court of Session are worlds apart. In experience, sessional courts are the spokespersons for the government agency, while HC and HC actually assess cases and determine the ratio decidendis. Looking at many old judgments, hcs and SCs have overturned lower court decisions. The Supreme Court denounced Khan`s illegal detention in the case, saying there was no evidence at first.

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