If you have a car that doesn`t come with a factory airbag, which is usually cars made before the early 90s, you can legally change your steering wheel for a spare steering wheel. If your car has an airbag, there`s technically no law that says you can`t change your steering wheel, but you could end up getting a ticket if you`ve already been stopped since you removed the airbag from the car. If you`re really looking for the look and feel of the race car for your car, a spare steering wheel could give your car that feel. Although it may not be a good idea for security reasons. Considering that you will lose your airbag and steering wheel mounted controls, we would not tolerate replacing your steering wheel. The steering wheel is one of the most important parts of the car; It controls the car and in the event of an accident, the airbag attached to it could save your life. But what if you want to replace your car`s steering wheel with a spare steering wheel? Are they even legal? That`s because it`s technical. Race cars use these thinner steering wheels wrapped in leather and Alcantara for better grip and to help drivers get in and out of the car. In addition to more grip and race car look, this racing steering wheel can usually be quickly detached from its hub with a « quick release » device, so the steering wheel is completely out of the way, allowing the driver, usually dressed in a combination of lights and a helmet, to easily get out of the car. Yoke Steering offers « the ultimate focus on driving: no stems, no gear shifting. With a rodless steering yoke, you can enjoy both the best car to drive and the best car to drive, » Tesla wrote in the updated model description.

The basic message here is that the company is confident that it will soon be able to reach range level 5, and a large round steering wheel will be completely irrelevant in the car of the future. Tesla recently introduced several cars that have an unusual steering wheel that is different from the standard round shape. In this context, the question has been raised as to the extent to which the use of such a steering wheel is legitimate in cars. And while some are thinking about it, the British government has given a clear answer: yoke steering is legal for the country`s roads. The UK Department for Transport (DfT) told the Sunday Times that its rules did not describe the exact shape and size of the steering wheel. UK regulations mean that a car`s steering gear can be anything – a steering wheel, joystick, handlebar or Tesla`s new yoke steering wheel – and remains legal, provided the system can be used to maintain control of the vehicle and meet UK MOT standards for play or excessive movement. Based on this answer, it can be concluded that the use of such a steering wheel in the X and S models, Cybertruck and Roadster 2, is fully allowed on the roads of the United Kingdom. DfT Declaration: There may be legitimate reasons to replace a steering wheel, for example if it is defective or damaged. If this is the case, a comparable steering wheel replacing the old one means there is no need to worry. Removing an original steering wheel and replacing it with another replacement steering wheel is a modification, and whether or not the change complies with the regulations depends on several things. If your vehicle is equipped with an airbag as standard, the new steering wheel must also be equipped with an airbag. If it doesn`t come standard with an airbag, you won`t be able to install a replacement steering wheel with an airbag.

When a crash test is performed on a vehicle, it is based on standard safety features – vehicles with airbags have different rules than vehicles without airbags – and the design of the steering columns and steering wheels may be different depending on whether the airbags are installed or not. The OEM steering wheel has gone through all kinds of research and development phases as well as safety testing to give you the best possible driving experience for your car and keep you safe. Why would you want to change that just because it looks cool? Hi all! Does anyone live in the UK? Are quick-change steering wheels legal? I want one for my car, but I think if it doesn`t have a horn, TÜV won`t, so does anyone know if you can get QR wheels that have a working horn? It may seem that rules and regulations sometimes go too far. However, there are really reasonable reasons why they are rigorously enforced. If you are considering installing a replacement steering wheel, be reasonable. Look for a qualified professional to install the replacement and perform all appropriate checks to ensure that the steering wheel meets the legal requirements and complies with the manufacturer`s regulations and adr. « The regulations on steering systems (UNECE Regulation 79) do not prescribe the shape or size of the steering wheel. » In case you change a steering wheel because you feel more comfortable with a different color, configuration or material. Staying on the right side of the law can be a little harder than you think. You must ensure that the replacement steering wheel complies with the appropriate ADR. The steering wheel must not have a diameter of less than 330 mm and, if the original had a recessed or padded hub, the replacement steering wheel must have a similar design.

Detachable or quick-change steering wheels are not legal and should only be seen on the race track. For vehicles manufactured after 1970, the steering wheel must be certified according to ADR 10 standards. If the vehicle is manufactured after June 1995, the steering wheel must be certified according to the ADR 69 (Full Frontal Impact Occupant Protection) standards of the vehicle. In this case, the steering wheel must be certified by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure that it is suitable for that particular vehicle. Whatever ADR you have to comply with, you should always check that the steering wheel is acceptable for your vehicle. You may have seen a car with a spare steering wheel before. Otherwise, the next time you see a heavily modified Honda Civic or Subaru WRX in the parking lot of your local grocery store, take a second to look into the driver`s side window, as there`s a good chance it has one. On the contrary, you will find that it looks like a steering wheel that you will find in a race car.

Now that we know what these spare steering wheels are for, you may be wondering why ordinary people in street cars use them. In short, most people use them for safety reasons (since you can`t really steal a car without a steering wheel) and because they look cool. They can also improve the driving experience, as the overall feel of the steering wheel can make it sportier, like a race car. A car is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make. And since we pay so much for them, it`s no wonder that many of us like to customize our purchases with a few modifications. Articles edited by @SmokeyShorts, you can follow him on Twitter Eva Fox joined Tesmanian in 2019 to report on current events as an automotive journalist. The main topics it covers are clean energy and electric vehicles.

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