He said he had visited several fish farms in Dong Nai province and positively found that the fish raised there are piranhas – although other officials said it was a different type of fish. Another official from the Ministry of Agriculture in the southern province of Dong Nai also said that the fish belong to the piranha species, expressing concern about the breeding of carnivorous fish, which can expose an animal carcass in a matter of minutes. « We do not recommend raising this type of fish, » said Le Duc Hong, an agricultural official in the province just northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. =^= The school continues downstream. Waxman and Mengers arrive at the water park to intercept Grogan and Maggie, but the Piranha attack the station and kill many, including Waxman himself. Grogan and Maggie grab a speedboat and rush to the closed smelter at the narrowest point of the river. When he remembers the empty pond, Grogan realizes that fish can survive in salt water. When the school`s piranhas cross the delta, they will reach the ocean and spread around the world. He intends to open the molten waste tanks in the hope that the industrial waste will kill the deadly fish. They arrive at the facility in front of the fish, but the high water level has flooded the control office, and Grogan has to go underwater Grogan has trouble moving the rusty valve wheel when the school`s piranthas arrive and attack it. The attack hyperadrenalizes him, and he manages to open the valves just as Maggie attacks the engine and brings it to safety. Piranhas were thought to have been killed by industrial waste, but the piranha`s characteristic trilate noise drowns the waves on a beach, suggesting that the fish have managed to penetrate the ocean.

Red-bellied piranhas have a lifespan of 10 years or more. These baby piranhas were found hidden under the double bottoms of plastic foam boxes along with other exotic fish. Dang Gia Tung, the zoo`s deputy director, told The Associated Press that the carcass of a one-year-old tiger was sold in November. » We thought we should auction the tigers` bodies to raise funds to enrich the animal collection at the zoo, » he said. His confession came after police arrested two men when they spotted two tigers in the back seat of a car in Hanoi. The tigers had been drugged but woke up during the police operation and had to be sedated again before they could be taken to a shelter. Officers found four other tigers cut from a freezer, as well as various parts of bears, rhinos and elephants. Observers say this is the latest indication of the scale of the illegal trade in endangered species in Vietnam. Tigers are used in traditional medicine and can bring in thousands of dollars on the black market. In August 2006, AFP`s Frank Zeller wrote: « Like people elsewhere in East Asia, Vietnamese often express pride in their adventurous culinary tastes. A popular saying in the area is: « We can eat everything with four legs except the table. We can eat anything in the ocean except submarines.

We can eat anything in the sky except airplanes. Some wild animals are killed to have their skin stuffed or to make jewelry from tiger and bear teeth, ivory or turtle shells. Others end up in illegal private zoos. But three-quarters die to be consumed, Song said. Wild animal meat and the wines and medicines derived from them traditionally have healing and tonic properties in many Asian cultures. [Source: Frank Zeller, Agence France Presse, August 14, 2006 ^] « Given that the research comes from anecdotal evidence, there is concern that these reports of illegal wildlife supply and trafficking are just the tip of the iceberg. » We suspected at least two other animal wash farms, but since it`s illegal, it`s more likely that farm owners would hide this information. The figures provided should be seen as a conservative estimate of the true extent of the illegal trade in porcupines on farms. Brooks said. « There is an opportunity for illegal traders to reap additional profits from wild sales, with continued demand and preference for wild porcupines from restaurant owners due to falling prices and consumer preference. » ^/ Some states where piranha is legal have local regulations banning piranha. Environment officials in Vietnam are sounding the alarm over the new breeding mode of piranhas in the Mekong Delta, saying carnivorous fish could be synonymous with ecological disaster if they escape into rivers in the upcoming flood season. What we fear most now is that these fish may come out of ponds in rivers with the upcoming flood season, » said Pham Huu Khanh, head of the science and technology department at Cat Tien National Park.

With their incredible survivability and reproductive rate, they would multiply and kill many, if not all, other species in the rivers, » Khanh said Montag.Er officials of the fish quarantine department at Manila International Airport said the piranhas were apparently brought to the country to be sold to local collectors.

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