product information; Application form. Your product description for a Developer-hosted PC Game/Software must indicate any restrictions on End Users` use of or access to the Developer-hosted PC Game/Software, including where End Users are required to complete an entry form (an « Entry Form ») before playing or using the Developer-hosted PC Game/Software. If you ask end users to complete a registration form, you must provide us with this registration form at the time you submit the developer-hosted PC game/software to us. The registration form (i) may only require end-user registration information for the developer-hosted PC game/software and a link to the developer-hosted PC game/software, (ii) must include a link to a legally sufficient privacy policy, (iii) must not contain advertising or request payment information from end users, and (iv) must comply with all applicable program policies. The registration form is subject to our testing and approval, and you may not change it after our approval without our review and approval of the changes. You may not require end users to complete a registration form for a PC game/software hosted by a developer with a list price greater than $0.00. Direct. Each Amazon party that sells apps is responsible for collecting and transferring all taxes levied on the sale of those apps to end users. You are responsible for all taxes or other taxes due and payable arising from payments from an Amazon party to you. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, the amounts due to you under this Agreement include all taxes that may be applicable to such payments. However, the Amazon Parties reserve the right to deduct or withhold any applicable taxes that we are required by law to deduct or withhold from amounts owed by amazon Parties, and amounts due reduced by such deductions or withholdings will constitute a full payment to you. If you submit any of your Content to End Users and a competent tax authority believes that the Content is taxable and that your performance of such Content is a sale that is subject to sales, use, VAT or similar taxes (« Execution Transaction Taxes »), Amazon may provide you with an exemption certificate or equivalent information acceptable to the relevant tax authority. In this case, you will not calculate or collect taxes on execution transactions covered by such a certificate.

You are solely responsible for all taxes on execution transactions, if any, and all interest, penalties, costs and expenses (including attorneys` fees) related to such execution transaction taxes and will indemnify and hold us and our affiliates harmless. If a tax authority assesses or enforces a tax liability against us or our affiliates with respect to taxes on execution transactions, we or our affiliates will control the defense against such assessment or claim (without limiting your obligation to indemnify and hold us and our affiliates harmless, under this Section 5(c). You provide Amazon with any forms, documents, or other certifications requested by Amazon to comply with any reporting or tax obligations relating to this Agreement. Note: There are additional forms that Amazon legal entities can choose from, including C Corps, nonprofits, and new hybrid benefits units, but these legal entities are generally not used for transactions with Amazon sellers. When you open an Amazon seller account in the United States, you need to determine whether you want to work as a sole proprietor or if you want to form a legal entity of Amazon. Amazon accepts delivery of subpoenas or other legal proceedings only through Amazon`s nationally registered representative, the Corporation Service Company (CSC). Subpoenas or any other legal proceedings can be served by sending them to CSC at the following address: During the pandemic, there have been protests by Amazon workers in warehouses in the United States, France and Italy. The BBC reported that there have been confirmed cases of coronavirus in more than 50 locations. [185] The reason for the protests is the company`s policy of « working normal shifts » despite numerous positive cases of the virus.

[187] According to uni Global Union, « Amazon cannot claim that this is business as usual. We are facing a deadly virus that has already claimed the lives of thousands of people and crippled the global economy. If distribution centers are currently not safe for workers, they should be closed immediately. [187] In Spain, the company faced legal complaints about its policies. [188] Although workers at 19 warehouses in the U.S. tested positive for COVID-19, Amazon did not close the warehouses, but only at the request of the government or due to protests. A group of U.S. senators wrote an open letter to Bezos in March 2020 expressing concern about worker safety. [189] Visits to increased from 615 million annual visitors in 2008[40] to more than 2 billion per month in 2022. [41] The company invested heavily in server capacity and redundancy to handle the increase in traffic during the Christmas holidays.

[42] The e-commerce platform is the 14th most visited website in the world. [43] In April 2022, Amazon workers on Staten Island voted to form the Amazon Labor Union, the company`s first legally recognized union. [262] [263] [264] In the same month, The Intercept reported on Amazon`s planned internal messaging app that would ban words such as « union, » « living wage, » « freedom, » « wage increase, » or « restroom. » [265] [266] An LLC acts as a separate legal entity that is segregated from your personal assets and can keep them safe in the event of a dispute.

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