* New self-help and DIY forms to waive court fees and enforce the law against your landlord. For general legal information and resources, choose a topic below to get answers to your legal questions, find a legal aid office near you, court information, public forms, and more. Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Find legal aid for low-income individuals and families. – Track your progress on legal issues – Sign up for legal updates – Save information about legal recommendations on your profile LawHelp.org – Find free legal aid programs in your community. Find information about your legal rights by topic, such as housing, divorce, family allowances and debt collection. Get help through the Legal Advice Line, a free legal helpline for qualified, low-income residents living in the Bay Area. The Legal Advice Line provides advice and guidance in all languages on a range of civil law matters. Lawyers can provide legal advice to a caller, schedule eligible clients for an appointment at a neighborhood office, or provide the caller with a useful referral to other social organizations if needed. This new program provides advocacy and legal assistance to victims of crime across New Mexico.

Upsolve – Find free legal help to file for bankruptcy. Keep in mind that bankruptcy information after Chapter 7 will remain on your credit report for 10 years. This can make it difficult to get loans, buy a home, buy life insurance, or get a job. Learn more about bankruptcy and other options for dealing with debt. Pension Rights Centre – Get free legal help if you have problems with your pension, profit-sharing or retirement savings. Individual lawyers (also called lawyers) are experts in various areas of law. Some lawyers specialize in a specific area of law, such as commercial, civil, criminal or juvenile law. You need to determine what type of lawyer is right for your legal situation. Once you`ve found a lawyer, ask questions about their experience, areas of expertise, and questions such as « How would you handle my case? » and « What do you charge for your services/what does your fee structure look like? » We condemn the brutal murder of George Floyd and all Blacks, Indigenous Peoples and Other People of Color (BIPOC) by police and others who oppress them, whether in Minnesota, Oregon or anywhere in our country. As legal aid organizations, our mission is to achieve justice for Oregon`s low-income communities by providing a full range of the highest quality civil services. We emphasize our clients` right to decide what solutions we seek to the problems they face, and our clients have long told us that racial discrimination is a key barrier to escaping poverty. We have a responsibility to our clients to work to dismantle systemic racism and white supremacy while fighting for economic justice on their behalf.

Lawyers and legal aid staff across the state will continue to work together to bring equality, justice and integrity to our communities and legal system. Visit the menu below and the rest of the VaLegalAid.org website for general information on civil law matters. Non-criminal legal services for individuals who cannot afford a private lawyer are provided by SC Legal Services. Some of the types of legal services that may be available include: evictions, bankruptcies, health problems, education, mortgage foreclosures, obstruction of Social Security, employment issues, some limited divorce and custody issues, and food stamp and welfare issues. Legal services programs do not deal with criminal matters; If you have questions about criminal law, visit Public Defence Services. New Mexico Legal Aid provides free services to eligible low-income residents of New Mexico with civil (non-criminal) cases. Our services range from education, advice and short support to full representation in some cases. No one is denied access because of race, age, gender, religion, political affiliation, beliefs or disability. The legal advice line responds to more than 1,500 calls per month. Opening hours for incoming LAL calls may be closed before the advertised time due to high demand.

If you are applying for legal aid, you may have to wait more than fifteen minutes for your call to be answered. Please be patient; Our lawyers work hard to answer all the calls we receive. When the LAL is open, you can request a reminder if you don`t want to wait until a lawyer is available to answer your call. Calls are answered and recalled in the order in which they are received, so you won`t lose your place in the queue if you choose the callback option. We will call you back before the end of the same working day. Reminders come from a blocked number in the interest of customer safety. Please keep this in mind and make sure your phone accepts blocked calls. Since we may close prematurely due to the high volume of calls, it is best to call directly when we open at 9:30 am. Information about the law or tools to solve simple legal problems. Immigration Legal Services – Search your state for free legal service providers.

for people in immigration proceedings. — Join focus groups — Access the IICLE(R) online library — Edit legal articles The Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Criminal Harassment Legal Aid Unit continues to take calls during the COVID-19 crisis. Our staff will be happy to talk to you. If we are unable to process your case, we will try to provide you with information and advice on the steps you can take to resolve the issue yourself. We may also be able to refer your case to other organizations in New Mexico that may be able to help you. This information has been created to give you general information about the law. This is not legal advice on a specific issue. If you have any questions about the law, you should consult a lawyer.

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